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Canon Lenses for Sale

Since I am a Nikon shooter now I’ve got some great Canon lenses for sale …in perfect condition …anyone?

  • Canon 50mm/1.4 (270 EUR)
  • Canon 24-70mm/2.8L (850 EUR)
  • Canon 100mm/2.8 (390 EUR)
  • Canon 70-300/4-5.6 IS

If you are in San Francisco, Berlin or Frankfurt pick up might be possible. Contact me at tcurdt@(this.domain) to work out a final price if you are interested.

  • Thiago
    Hi, Curdt

    Is the 24-70 still available? I'm going to Berlin in the end of September I may be interested.
    If it is please drop me a email.

  • All are in perfect condition.
  • Alexandre
    The 24/70 is still for sale.
    In wich conditions it is?
    I could be intersted.
  • Chels
    50 1.4, how much? So many people asking for this, lol.
  • Rebeca
    How much for the 100mm?
  • pedro
    hey there!!!
    i'm looking for a canon 15mm lenses, where is the best place to buy one here in europe?
    I found it very expensive here in paris!
    thanks for helping!
  • Rob
    How much is the 50mm? I live in London, always up for a trip to my fav city Berlin ;-)
  • john
    hi there how much for the 50 mm 1.4 the 24 - 70 and the 100 2.8 macro

  • Folks, I am based in Germany and already back from the US. So for anyone from the US: with the EUR and the shipping this will probably not make much sense for you.
  • Mike Cohen
    I'm looking for a 24-70. What are you asking?


  • Shannon
    Interested in your 24-70 2.8. Is this still available and what are you asking for it?

  • Sorry, paolo. The 70-300 is gone.
    Sunesh, I'll reply by mail.
  • paolo
    maybe I'm interested in 70-300
    can you tell me the price ?
    paolo from rome
  • Suneesh
    You still got the Canon 50mm/1.4? If so whats the price on it?

    From Los Angeles
  • Colette Marie
    Price in 50mm 1.4 ?
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