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Finally – it’s the Canon 30D

Google Summer of CodeIt was a long back and forth …but the end the Canon 30D turns out to be my camera of choice. The Nikon D200 was very tempting but in the end it all comes down to how you prioritize the different aspects of the cameras. I absolutely do not want to take part in this stupid Canon vs Nikon “war”. Both are excellent cameras but somehow the 30D seemed like the way to go – for me. I love shooting in low light conditions and Ken Rockwell’s comparison really helped me to decide – because I absolutely disagree with his conclusion. I do prefer the Canon pictures at high ISOs. In general the colors of the 30D seem to be a bit more vivid and the available lenses for the Canon are a better fit. Canon also seems to be a bit more committed to go further full frame in the future which would be fantastic. Just in time before I left to Austin my 50mm/1.4 lense arrived and I have to say it feels good to have a proper SLR again. So I am happy shooting away here at the ApacheCon.

  • Looks like a great piece of kit. IIRC, Ovidiu has a similar camera. Now just stop taking pictures of geeks! ;-)
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