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Finally! Thunderbird Addressbook integration!

Thanks to Peter Van der Beken Addressbook integration has arrived in Thunderbird. He has provided/fixed the patch so now it works with the latest trunk. I’ve just build trunk with his patch applied and as you type your recipients address will show you suggestions from your addressbook. Awesome! …all I ever wanted! According to Peter it is not just read-only and not throughly tested yet …so you better backup your data before you give it a try. But I reckon it’s again time to vote for this bug to get it at least committed into trunk! (Yes, yes, yes! :-)

In case someone wants the compiled app – drop me a mail.

I am still working on a proper build. The current one is a development build that obviously only works on my machine. Will keep you updated.

  • spenny
    :( I just downloaded it and it seems to still have it's own address book. and it's not in the add-ons when I search "address book". If anyone finds out, can you let me know?
  • Folks, this has been committed. It should be available in Thunderbird now. Not sure which exact version though. (No longer using it myself.)
  • Ben
    Hi There,

    I would love a compiled version if you don't mind thanks mate!

  • Diane Tye
    not a sophisticated computer person, can i have a copy?
  • Perhaps you could post DIY instructions as seems you are getting inundated with requests. Cheers
  • If your application is possible to install by a person that is not an expert, I would love to get a copy of the patch ( by the way I am using the thunderbird v.version (20071031)

    Thank you
  • Fabrizio
    Hi, please could you send me the compiled version? thank you and good luck
  • Matt Smith
    I too, would love a compiled version.

  • Benoit Schmitt
    I have lately switched to thunderbird for its HTML support but could not find a way to use the os X Address book synchronized with thunderbird. If your application is possible to install by a person that is not an expert, I would love to get a copy of the patch ( by the way I am using the thunderbird v.2).
    Thank you
  • Dan
    Hi there -- I would love a compiled version when you have a moment... cheers!
  • I'd like a compiled copy or instructions on how to compile and install the patch. Thanks.
  • Chris
    Can you please send me the compiled version? MAny thanks!
  • Kristian House
    Can you please send me the compiled Version?
  • Yellow
    Can you send me a compiled copy? Thanks!
  • Trist
    Hi. Great news about Address Book integration. Been hoping this would happen for ages.

    I'd be grateful if you would send me a compiled version of the app

  • Bill Stoye
    Please send compiled app.
    Thank you;
  • Simon
    Hey man, I've just spent five hours researching a way to get this address book to work, I am stoked to find this info!
    But, I am no programmer, the patch page at bugzilla means nothing to me, and I wonder then, if like everyone else here, I can ask you to send me a copy of the compiled app?
    And do I need to do anything special to make it run or integrate with Thunderbird?
    Can it be published as an extension via Thunderbird addonns until it gets integrated into a new version?
  • aaron
    can you please send me a compiled copy? Thanks
  • Ted
    Can you send me a compiled copy? thanks!
  • Just wanted to say I love your spam filter tool, so simple yet probably effective. I don't need your compiled app right now, but I would like to add a vote to getting it commited to the trunk. I think I would use thunderbird more if this happened.
  • Peter Schraufstetter
    Hi there! I would love to get a copy of your compilation. Thank you so much. Greets from Germany. Peter
  • Hi there.... u would save my life if you could send me the app that does thatthing and syncs address book and TB.

  • Hi, Could you send me the compiled app? I'm waiting it for a while ! thanks
  • Mark
    Could you send me a copy of the compiled app? It sounds great!
  • Joe Wheeler
    I don't know how people expect to receive this patched compiled binary; the .dmg file for Thunderbird 1.5 is 10.7 megabytes, too large for most e-mail attachments. What is the size of this file? Maybe I'm missing something, but how do you send this file? If it is of a size that can be sent as an e-mail attachment, I'd surely like a copy. If not, do you have an ftp or http location to download it?

  • Simon Q
    I would love a copy please.
  • Can you send this to me or let me know where to get it from? Many thanks.
  • James B.
    would love a copy of the combiled binary - thanks!
  • Alex Silberman
    Hi, I would love to get a compiled version of the THunderbird / OS X patch.


  • Hi,

    could you please send me a comiled version or send me a link, where I can download it?


  • Will Pl
    Could you send me a compiled build, or point me to where I can download?
    I'd shoot you an email, but where the heck is your email address?

    Integration is key to me. Without out, I just won't bother.
    So, yes, Mozilla, should pay heed.
  • Ernest Koe
    I would love a copy of the binary! If there were any doubt as to the importance of this feature LOOK here, Moz!
  • Kyle
    please send the compiled app my way thanks.
  • Brad
    Please send the compiled app to me. I'm DYING to check this out.
  • brenden
    i'm an amature at all this .. will something be available that i can install this patch? or will i have to know some code? i'd love the final app though!!! YOU ROCK
  • Being lazy, I'd like a copy of the compiled app as well... And having some bandwidth I wouldn't mind hosting it somewhere or throwing it on a torrent for everyone else to grab.
  • Hi, would you mind emailing me the compiled build? Thanks.
    [email protected]
  • I too would also like to get a copy of the app! This is such great news and I seriously can't wait for it's release... to be free of Mac Mail... FINALLY! FREEEEEEDOM!

    .... I just like the address book too much to use warrant using thunderbird without it integrated.
  • riws

    I would be thankful for the compiled app
  • Tom

    I also would like to get the compiled app.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Hello Sir, could I please have a binary copy of it as well?
    Thank you
  • Allan Bilsky
    Thanks for a great hack! I'll try to build over the weekend, but would love a copy of the compiled app so I can help some non techie friends.
  • Kevin Schneider
    I would like the compiled app too. Will it be universal/Intel/PowerPC ?
  • Figured it out - it builds fine from CVS. One would think that the nightlies would work as well, but I'm probably missing some configuration subtleties that would get that to work.

    This is great!
  • Hi there,

    Could you let us know which day's trunk you used, and your .mozconfig settings? I've been trying to build this; but while the patch applies fine, the build fails somewhere in the middle of the process (after about an HOUR, urgh).

    Thanks much.
  • EvenJo
    Hi! Could you send me the compiled version??

  • I followed your instructions from the earlier post, applied the latest patch and got it working. Thanks for the walkthrough!
  • Colin Darby
    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I can now never go back to Mail.app! May I also have a compiled version?
  • Hello! Thanks for your hard work. Many folks have been waiting patiently for a long time. May I also have a compiled version?
  • Scott
    May I have a compiled version? Thanks for all of your work.
  • Spk
    Yes please - send me the compiled version!
  • Thank you very much for your work. I'd appreciate having a copy of the binary. Could you please send it to me or post it anywhere else?
    Best regards from Germany, Christian
  • Peter
    Me too, Thanks!
  • I can't find your email anywhere so I hope leaving a comment here will qualify, as I would love a copy of Tbird with AB support. Thanks in advance!
  • Greg Wagoner
    Please send the compiled app. Thanks!
  • Tony Jensen
    This is huge! I would love a copy of the compiled app. Thank you.
  • Scott
    Could i get a copy of the compilied app?
  • Hmm, doesn't seem to work for me :-(

    Irvine:savs$ pwd
    Irvine:savs$ ./thunderbird-bin
    dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/XUL
    Referenced from: /Applications/Thunderbird.app/Contents/MacOS/./thunderbird-bin
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap
  • I'd drop you a mail, but I don't have addressbook integration in tbird yet so it's kinda tricky ;-)
  • Sorry, Sir, Could you give me the compiled app?? Thanks. :)
  • Thank everybody for this job!! It's good news for me. Thank you again!!
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