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Thunderbird – passing the torch

Seems like Robert my friendly ex-neighbor* picked up the torch to provide unofficial thunderbird builds with the “famous” addressbook patch applied. I am glad my efforts are helping to provide what people obviously are craving for.

On the other hand if you look at the history of this patch it basically tells you a very sad story. Having such an important patch sitting there for years and now seeing user building there own distributions …for me this sounds like “we don’t care about our users” and does not fit the nice image that the big brother firefox has. Being involved in several open source projects myself I do know …you sometimes just don’t have time to apply that bloody patch – but for this one it is becoming ridiculous.

* Well, Melbourne wasn’t that far from Christchurch …you get used to distances down there ;-)

  • yup website down :<
  • Josh May
    Sounds like a great idea, but Ice Cube's website is down at the moment.

    Any idea how I can get in contact with him and find out when it will be back up?

    I'm really eager to try his latest Thunderbird build with the address book integration patch.

    Mail is good, but just doesn't cut it and I'm afraid I bring baggage with me from my old XP days. I want to be able to write complex HTML.

    Mail definitely has the ability, it's just not available in the GUI - stupid Steve Jobs!
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