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Canon Ixus E18 Error

IMG_4322Quoting www.ixus-world.de

The E18 error message is the worst that can happen to an owner of the Canon IXUS.

Well …guess who was seeing this bugger on the display of his IXUS lately. I’ve tried the ixus-world repair guide but I have to say …don’t bother! So far I have always been pretty good at fixing stuff like this. I am patient and enjoy fiddling with small parts …but the amount of screws and electronic in that little device was just incredible. In order to get to actual faulty part you have to disassemble the whole camera. It’s much more complicated as it looks like in the instructions. I know the guide might bring up MacGyver feelings in many of us. But sometimes you just have to let go. You served me well dear IXUS. RIP.

  • Greg
    You could ask help from: http://www.digiprob.com
  • TheGuru
    You need little Japanese hands to fix these things (along with Zen inspired patience). Everything is fixible but is it worth the time/effort. Best to donate what is left to a camera repair shop and move up to the next best thing.
  • Das tut mir leid, TC... :(
    Aber die Vorstellung ist lustig, wie du - mit Air-Jordan-Zunge draußen - an deinen kleinen Kamerateilen herumbastelst :)
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