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Impressive Video Effects

This is so amazing ….especial the effect with the flowers and the sign. I don’t want to know what the software costs …or what the hardware requirements are to apply those modifications in a timely fashion. But boy – that is cool. Would love to know a little more about the theory behind it.

  • Hi Torsten, yes it is impressive because of the math involved into achieving such effects. I guess that the key concept is a "cave" presented at 1:24 of the video ("Structure from motion"). I remember that I read about this concept in Scientific American some time ago. Basically calculations involve differential equitations to model pictures (frames) as surfaces with some kind of liquid on it and model it's flow.

    I remember that article mentioned Italian mathematicians but the video seems to have US origins. It may be that two independent teams worked on the same subject but I would be really surprised to find out that they used completely different approaches.

    I can give you more exact pointers if you wish.
  • This is sick! :-)
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