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Video encoding

Argh! So many video editing/encoding software out there but none of them does all I want. I don’t care whether the audio has a constant or variable bitrate. What’s the deal handling AC3 streams? Is cutting AVIs really that hard to implement? Of course I want to normalize the audio stream while encoding! Yeah, sometimes I also want to create a mpeg1 stream to create a VCD. Wait …I need a specific audio format? I want to convert while encoding. Now I wanna rip from a DVD encoding to DivX or XVid. I am really getting sick having to use different tools. Please …doesn’t anybody know a tool that does all this?

So far I only found VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod, NanDub, TMPGEnc, DVDx and Xmpeg

Wondering what is out there for linux…

  • Transcode and dvdrip under Linux mate, that's all you need :)
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