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MacOSX disillusion

Today I installed my first MacOSX box. Unfortunately I have admit I was a little disappointed :-( I never really worked with MacOSX before but was always a silent admirer. I heard a lot of cool things about it. I thought having a FreeBSD kernel and a Mac GUI cannot be bad …but it wasn’t awesome either :-/

The installation went smooth and easy but submitting all the those personal registration data did not felt any better than it does on windows. Maybe I am not used to the Mac view of the world but e.g. the windows network / samba integration was much less than straight forward. The use of the full name and the account felt weird and inconsistent. And so on….

…maybe it takes time to get into it?

Actually it was my first installation – it wasn’t my box. Sorry, that was misleading. Be sure there would be an entry in my blog if I ordered a Mac :)

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