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Suunto Gekko with OSX

Suunto GekkoI’ve just stumbled across the fact that my dive computer, a Suunto Gekko, does indeed support data transfers – event to my Mac. While the manual (and web site) states the exact opposite, it seems like this limitation was just introduced through the Suunto PC software. This original software is Windows only and DiveLog a 3rd party software to manage dive logs does not come with this limitation. DiveLog’s user interface is quite terrible – but it does the trick. In order to connect the Suunto you need a cable. While the original Suunto USB cable costs big bucks I can recommend the “Smartinterface” which is compatible but much cheaper. You need to install some drivers, reboot your machine and you are almost there to have your dives saved on your Mac. So let me guide you through the details…

First you need to download the drivers for the “cable” as this really is a USB serial adapter. The “smartinterface” uses the same chipset as the orignal converter. So in either case you will need download and install the drivers from here. Open the installer and just follow through the instructions. Provide your admin password when asked and confirm the reboot at the end of the installation. Please finish this installation before you connect the adapter to your USB port.

Once you machine has rebooted set you dive computer into “PC” mode. See the manual on how do that. (probably MODE, 1 MEMORY, 3 PC-SET) Then connect the dive computer to your Mac and go into the “System Prefences”. Pick “Network” and a little box should pop up telling you that a new port has been detected. Click OK. On the top “Show” drop box select “Network Port Configuration”. Then check the box for the new “usbserial” port. Apply and you are done.

Start DiveLog and in the “Computer” menu select the correct brand and the port you just enabled. Then go on “Transfer” and you should should see your dives getting downloaded to your Mac. Yay!

Update: Turns out there is also an open source program called JDiveLog that should work. Unfortunately it requires manual installation of some libraries first. And at least in the 2.7 release the JavaApplicationStub needs to be made executable to make it even start.

Update 2: A while ago I’ve switched to MacDive. Highly recommended!

  • Lars
  • @Lars Get http://www.mac-dive.com/ and the cable from http://www.smartinterface.de/
  • Lars
    I just read this post today 18 feb. 2011 and i can see is longtime ago somebody write about this..
    I looking for a dive log program to Mac and a cable for my Suunto GEKKO. Can somebody tell where to buy or what to buy.. i hope is cheap..

    / lars
  • I suggest you check with Nick http://thedoorisajar.org/macdi.../
  • invasion_1
    I have installed the cable drivers for my SmartInterface, connected my cable to the Gekko, and put it in PC mode. Within Macdive I go to Import...Suunto Gekko. They seem to talk and it says "downloading" but then says "cannot identify dive computer"

    What am I doing wrong ? Thanks !
  • @Nila: I've checked with the author. Website is back up. Some hosting problem.
  • Nila

    it looks like the MacDive site is down. Can you publish the dmg or do you know an alternative download location?

  • @black_sun: Are you on 10.5 or 10.4? On 10.5 you should see a "USB <-> serial" device when properly installed.
  • black_sun
    Opening network preferences there is nothing poping up. What do I do wrong?
    Driver's installed and Gekko over the interface cable connetcted.
    Please help me!
  • Indeed. I switched to MacDive lately. It's great!
  • dive pro
  • Wlegrow
    Nice! I was wondering why they (Suunto) said you couldn't upload to a computer - considering I found the PC Set function and a data port on the back! lol.. good find - I've ordered the cable.
  • Ah ...thanks, Vas! Found that in the instructions for the drivers. Fair enough.
  • You shouldn't actually need to enable the "usbserial" port in Network preferences. All that does is make a pppd configuration for /dev/cu.usbserial. This is only needed if you want to make PPP connections over the link. It isn't needed for applications that access the device directly as a serial port.
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