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Past 1.5 years at joost have been exciting, challenging but also quite exhausting. While it has been a great ride I have found that I need some time to take care of myself a bit more. Not concentrate on work 150% every day but instead explore, play with ideas and do some refreshing new experiments. Basically discover new areas that I am interested in and see in what direction I want to go next. One should not forget there is more to your body than the left half of the brain.

In the next 3 months I will try to cross off a few things of my open source TODO list and also try to get a bit more into Cocoa and Ruby. Maybe some interesting freelancer/consulting gigs? But most importantly I hope to find the leisure to do some painting, reading and some more photography and blogging. The upcoming travel I am also really looking forward to.

Anyway… exciting times ahead

  • Enjoy your time off. I am hoping to do the same.
  • I'm jealous. :-) All the best mate, enjoy your sabbatical and don't forget to send us some kick-ass Open Source code!
  • Oh! Yeah ...that too!!
  • Carl
    And don't forget to play some guitar!
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