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Opening UIF files on OSX

There is a proprietary file format coming from the windows world. It’s a disk image similar to nrg, dmg and iso. On windows you would use MagicDisk/MagicISO to access the data. If you don’t have a windows PC available I found this little tool called “uif2iso” that converts the UIF image into a standard iso.

$ uif2iso file.uif file.iso
UIF2ISO 0.1.2p0
by Luigi Auriemma
e-mail: aluigi@autistici.org
web:    aluigi.org

- open file.uif
- create file.iso

  file size    000000002517e7b6
  version      1
  image type   8
  padding      0
  sectors      358305
  sectors size 2048
  blhr offset  0000000025177ff6
  blhr size    26560
  hash         2f55c3a2be048faf29d5cdda4a1412c3
  unknowns     00000040 00000000 00000000 00000000

Once finished processing just open the iso to access the files. While a simple “make” should do the job, I’ve also made my build of the command line version (that should work on intel and ppc) available for your convenience.

Update 1: Thanks to shazron the invalid argument problem should be gone. I have applied the changes and updated the build.

Update 2: I’ve updated the build to produce a universal binary so it should now work for intel and ppc.

Update 3: For those not comfortable using the command line I whacked together a quick and dirty version with a GUI. Just drop the UIF file onto it. Should work with Tiger and Leopard, Intel and PPC. Let me know how “uif2iso for mac” works for you.

Update 4: There is a proper project page now. Please go there to get to the download.

  • Coolest tool on the planet! - Thanks
  • alexx
    hey im having your same problem. did you ever do it?
    please help me out :(
  • Wadi_talhami
    Thanks Man.. Your tool is awesome!!
    Btw. do you have something to open .exe file?
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    You're why the Internet is the greatest invention ever. Thanks for saving me from pulling out the few hairs I have left.
  • Amvfournier
    Spent ages puzzling my way through how to use torrent and then clicked on your 'proper project page' link above and followed your super easy instructions and it worked. Thank you SOOOOOOO much!
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    Thank you !

    to me: thats apple-like
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  • jay
    I got the same thing. I hope it gets fixed
  • jay
    I get wrong BBis signature. Thanks for try. Any one know what that is?
  • Tomato Man
    Thanks just "port install uif2iso" and worked beautifuly
  • Curiousg
    I downloaded the new uif2iso4mac but when i try to open it it says "Wrong BBIS Signature" Please help :(
  • shadowlover
    |I can not thank you enough for this, it has made my day, year and life.
    You are a genius!
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    O Thank you very much!!
    You made my day!!
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    From an old warrior of the crowdest city in the world: THANKS!!
  • Dennis is Japan
    I agree with all who think this is way easier! The program is sooooooo..... uhhmmmm Mac!
    Simple, Easy, and Elegant to use.

    It also has a link for the source code!

    I wish the message "Update 4: There is a proper project page now. Please go there to get to the download." had been in red. I somehow missed the bold, and found the above link at the bottom of all of these replys.
  • zoli
    Wonderful. It works just as expected. Thank you so much for this contribution.
  • stefg
    amazing, couldnt get any easier, thanks so much!
  • Tibbs
    Yo there, i'm using a Mac, and i've downloaded reason and it downloaded with 3 cd plain text files, it says i need to mount/burn it but i don't know how to do that. the files are .uif can anyone giv me instructions please
  • clayco
    Thanks for the GUI.

    It works perfectly.

    You ARE the man!

  • Webjester
    All this is great! but this is WAY easier: https://vafer.org/projects/uif2.../
  • cce
    MacPorts people: just do "sudo port install uif2iso" and you'll have the tool built and installed.
  • Simon
    Just wanted to say thank you as well. It's excellent and saved me booting up vmware...
  • Seb
    Guys, you've just saved my day.
    Thanks so much for that tool !
  • Almost forgot one step, I mounted the file as a drive then shared it out.
  • Thank you, I just installed the program. I have darwinport install on my mac so it makes it easy all I type in is: 'su' to get to root then 'port install uif2iso' After that I shared out the file on my LAN and installed the programs on windows box. Unix rocks.
  • Man, this app was a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
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    Jeremiah I love you omg.. thanks tonnes! And thanks tcurdt for the programme muah!
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    Thanks very much for this excellent utility (uif2iso4mac) - easy to use and gets the job done real quick - Excellent work :-)
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    Thanks so much!, the uif2iso4 mac_1.2.0 worked great!, made my day and saved me of a lot of grief
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    Simply an excellent resource! Worked like a charm and saved time too = )
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    Thanks mate! Worked great!!!
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    legit? sorry i'm just paranoid.
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    Thanks so much! You really made my day
  • Please use the latest version from https://vafer.org/projects/uif2.../ instead!
    Wow that was easy..
    After trying to figure .uif to .iso your program worked :)

    MAC 10.5.6 OSX instructions:

    go to download page:


    Run program:

    Once program opens:
    Click on File/Open.
    Open your .uif file
    It then converts it to an .iso
    Open your newly made .iso right click to "open with" DiskImageMounter

    Thats it!
    Thanks Again!
  • @Mang: Check out the docs:


    Some files require an Intel processor to decrypt as of now.
  • Mang
    Hey, I just found this application but when I try to open the uif file, it gives an error saying: "decryption only supported on Intel processors"
    On the website it mentions it should run on older macs. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
  • Roj
    Thank you so much!
  • Helder
    Amazing tool!!! i almost delete the uif files that i have on my mac...thank you!!!!!
  • Rick
    I think I might have shed some light on the matter: don't know if it's right, but maybe you might now...I'm thinking SecuROM might be blocking it. And I need anti-Blacklisting Software, but I'm not sure where to look for it. Do you have an inkling, so I might know where to go? :) Thanks!
  • @Rick: They used to have a free version that let you convert from UIF to ISO. Maybe checkout their trial. But Luigi's tool should work as well.
  • Rick
    My apologies, tcurdt. I figured that maybe could still help me out here- since this seemed somewhat more reputable than other websites that I've been to. I don't want to pay for MagicISO- seems like a waste of $24.95USD. But again, just listing my thanks :)
  • @Rick: Sorry, but it's really hard to follow what you are talking about. (What is a "WindRAR folder" supposed to be? I only know RAR archives!) Indeed Luigi's tools also works on Windows but it sounds like you are a Windows user and therefor are totally wrong here anyway. This post is about converting an UIF to an ISO under OSX(!) As a Windows user you can just use the MagicISO tool for this. As an OSX user uif2iso4mac is probably the easiest way. Good luck!
  • Rick
    So, I have a .uif file that I'm trying to convert into an .iso.

    basically, after converting the .uif into an .iso- I'm left with a folder that you would have with the disc normally. Except...well, there's no ISO file to be found. Just a bunch of .exe's and the like. I've tried looking for the .iso file on DaemonTools and Windows Explorer...but I still can't find this .iso file. I don't know what I'm doing wrong...I open the converter by Luigi, and it says locate the .uif file. I do so: I double click. It then asks to name the new file: I do so. I type .iso after it just so I know (I guess).

    After it unpacks the .uif file, and gives me a WinRAR folder. I've tried mounting the file with DaemonTools. Except it won't work. I've tried Extracting and looking for an ISO. It doesn't work either.

    Can someone please help me? :(
  • jamesy
    comment 37, jeramiah, made it a lot easier for someone terminally illiterate. thanks
  • @Luigi @marina: Why don't you just try the UI version?

  • marina
    it really works =) i didn't find out how to "Compile the source code using 'make', this will generate the UIF2ISO
    executable." but i run it on windows with parallels and then open it on os x.
  • Luigi
    Well, I tried ALL OF THE ABOVE suggestions, but it never worked. I guess I will ask a friend of mine who uses a PC, it will eventually take me less time than keep trying with this damn Terminal. lol
  • mike
    XD Cheers!!! thx guys
  • Iva
    Excellent! Finally I could open that uif file sitting in my hd for the past 3 months! THANK YOU!
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    dude - you rock - killer little app - thanks
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    This software is great. Thanks so much!
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    you rock
    the s/w rocks
    soooo simple & easy
    thnx a 1,000,000,000,000,000
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    yay! thanks!
  • OK, guys ...a new release is out that should hopefully fix the "Failed to Unzip BLHR data". But please - flame anyone using this file format.
  • worked 100%.
    Thanks ;)
  • greg
    and when i do it in the terminal I got:
    "bash: ./windowsxp.uif: Permission denied"
    please help cheers
  • greg
    Hi. I got the "Conversion Failed - Failed to Unzip BLHR data†message too. Does it mean that the file is protected by a password?
    Please help. Cheers
  • mKs
    Great man.
  • mKs
    Great man. Yo ta sacchain nai fabulous chha
  • Walter Aparicio
    Gracias por el programa, una ayuda imprescindible.
  • laurence
    I know you are aware of this but I too am getting the "Conversion Failed - Failed to Unzip BLHR data" message
  • @Alex: embedded CUE files and passwords are not supported by uif2iso4mac yet. The latest command line version from Luis does though. But you would have to compile it yourself.
  • Alex

    I am trying to convert a uif to iso using uif2iso4mac but I get the error in a message window:

    Conversion Failed
    CUE File Embedded
    + a button with the word "bummer"

    On a separate window, I get:

    Size 766731919
    Version 1
    Image Type 9
    Sector Size 2048
    Sectors 399542
    Hash a9f44757edfdf08fb0246dc044c8bba0
    Status Failed

    Any Help?
  • @jk, Tim, John: Sorry for the late response. Have been away. This is due to the fact that they keep changing the file format. Luis and I will try get this fixed. But unfortunately this turned out to become a cat and mouse game. Blame the people for using this silly format.
  • Tim
    Ditto on the “Conversion Failed - Failed to Unzip BLHR data†error. Help?
  • jk
    it seems to give the Failed to Unzip BLHR data notice with files "uif-ed" w a later version of magic... i'm thinking it's not to be fixed until a new release?
  • mkpena
    I had the empty iso problem when I downloaded the first uif2iso software, but then i tried with the new version uif2isomac and it worked. https://vafer.org/projects/uif2.../
  • John
    I am also getting the “Conversion Failed - Failed to Unzip BLHR data†error. Is this fixable
  • Gabe
    Thanks! awesome, #34 worked perfectly. Just make sure to copy the uif file and the file you download here into the same directory.
  • dioioib
    man this is awesome. Thanks for your hard work. I really hate proprietary disk images..

    Keep up the good work.
  • Gaz
    and thank you I just used the file association instructions and went perfectly.
    Don't you just love it when thinks just work..:)
    Good work
  • Pat
    I am using the uifsiso4mac and I am getting this error when I try to open it:
    "Conversion Failed
    Failed to Unzip BLHR data"

    Any ideas on correcting this? My email is pjksportscards[at]hotmail[dot]com

  • jk
    jeesh i went down this whole thins... kept getting "no worki" rsvps from my leopard based pro book... so before i was about to go and check just once more... after all i am new to leopard and maybe i was doing something wrong still??

    i re-searched for a solution and found this:


    i'm sure both work but this one's um easier if you're a blonde**

    good luck guys
  • jas
    hey thanks so much!!!!
  • tom lecoeny
    I opened terminal for the first time for this and it worked the second time.
    15 minutes total
    make a little donorware or something and post it
  • Evan
    DUDE! thx a mil! what I did was I threw all of the files onto a folder on my desktop (including the file I wanted to convert) and just cd to the folder then ran the command line. THANK YOU AGAIN!
  • Jonathan
    so useful, so easy, just amazing
  • My many thanks!
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    Once again, thanks for taking the trouble to do this, it's really helped me out :)
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    Very nice, thanx for including your build, works fine on my macbook.
    Thanx !
  • stranman
    Thank you so much this worked like a charm !!
  • Ron
    Not as much fun but the easiest way to convert uif is to go to https://vafer.org/projects/uif2.../ and download the program. After unstuffing just drag your .uif file onto the program icon and you will have an .iso file.
  • rastamanguito
    Muchas gracias, llevo 3 semanas tratando de compilar el programa pero no tengo nada de experiencia haciendo esto, agradesco mucho esta solución.

  • Garrod
    Cheer for this, didn't fancy booting into Windows!
  • @santa, @Poiz: I've create a DVD myself on a windows machine. So far I could not reproduce the problems you guys are reporting. So either the image you guys have is broken ...or just somewhat different. Different version, compressed vs uncompressed, password protected ...or who knows what. So as a first step it would be great if you could send me a screenshot showing the uif2iso4mac window. (Apple+shit+4) ...and as a second step I would need the exact same image. As it's quite big you could also burn it onto a DVD and send it over. See "contact" for the address. Cheers.
  • ks
    Figured it all out after reading your blog, worked seamlessly. Great work. much appreciated.
  • Poiz
    I'm sorry about the Donation page: I just discovered it already exists!!!
  • Poiz
    I don't get any error messages at all. This Wonderful Tool goes ahead to create the .ISO Image alright but when I mount the image, I find nothing inside it: Just an Empty image. You asked if I could send you the image file. Where should I send it to... and by the way, the DVD is about 3.5GB, which is rather big. Cheers. We appreciate your good work. Additionally, I suggest you create a "DONATION PAGE" so that sincere users may support you with whatever they could.
  • Thanks a lot for uif2iso4mac !
  • @santa: Thanks for letting me know the error message.

    I think easiest would be to create an UIF file from scratch with MagicDisk. Then it can be still a DVD but small. If someone could get around to create - one that would be great. I would first need to get hold of a windows machine. That might take a bit.
  • santa
    it's a dvd, so somewhat large -- error message is Status = Wrong Signature
  • Alright guys... UIF2ISO for Mac now has a proper project page. Please go to https://vafer.org/projects/uif2.../ and upgrade to the new 1.0.3 release. It does not solve the DVD image issue but it will get you auto updates. So you will never miss upcoming versions. Enjoy!
  • @santa, @Poiz: Could you guys provide me with such an image? Preferably a small one ;)
    Are there any errors shown in the status field?
  • santa
    i'm having the same problem with DVD images. I get an empty ISO.
  • thanks man, you rule
  • thanks a lot!!!
    this is really great: that there always are people like you to do things like this!
  • Poiz
    This tool works fine with .uif CD Images. With .uif DVD Images it converts to an Empty .iso
    Has anyone experienced the same anomaly? Does anyone have a solution to this?
  • Andrew
    THANK YOU # 38!!!
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    thanks so much. once i figured it out it worked perfectly


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  • Thanks so much, worked like a charm.
    You are a saint. Put it up on versiontracker please as this is much needed by the mac community.
    Again THANK YOU.
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    Thanks for a great timesaver! I thought I was going to have to give up on finding a program like this!
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    OMG thank you Luigi!!! Using Disk Utility was best for me also... and i just showed my PC Guru-Tech friend a thing or two about Mac's... now i don't need his stinkin PC box... LOL... namaste
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  • By the way: Burning directly from Disk Utility in Leopard worked like a charm
  • A big thank you from me too. This saved me hours of trouble and searching.

  • NZ_Machine

    Works perfectly on Tiger/PPC!
    Thanks a lot!

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    Works perfectly with Leopard
    Thanks a lot!!!
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    thank you very much. works smoothly on osx 10.5.2 (intel)
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    Thanx a bunch. uif2iso for mac works like a dream on OSX 10.5.2.
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  • Thanks for this software! save me lots and lots of time! :D
  • Thanks! This has made a bunch of files usable. I have one file where I get a "wrong signature" message on the "status" line. Any idea what that means? Thanks again. It's a life-saving tool.
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    Dude, you ROCK! thanks a bunch for this great utility program.
    you make my day.
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  • Thankyou Thankyou, that is people like you that makes the world go round.
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    Only size 3.3 GB is reported as -755175717.
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  • Great tool, worked like a charm on OSX Leopard. Thanks a ton!
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  • Works a charm. Brillo. Cheers. God bless hobby coders everywhere
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    After so much nonsense over the net, you came up with a neat soluiton.
    It worked like a charm.
    When they will stop makink standarts????
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    Thanks! It worked fine for me. I opened the folder with the UIF file and dragged the file onto the uif2iso.app and it converted it to ISO in the same folder. It couldn't be easier.

    Thanks !! :-)
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  • Thanks mate! UIF files are a pain in the ass even on Winblows, with this I'll never need to deal with having to save something to my PC [sigh] laptop or a VPC again. W00t! You should totally submit this on http://iusethis.com - it would be a life saver for a lot of people I think.
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    this is on a mini running 10.5.2
    just one slight cosmetic glitch, it reports the size as -888472519, but that does not stop it working
  • OK, guys... I've updated the build of the GUI version to 1.0.1. That should fix the 'file too large' error. Enjoy!
  • martin
    tried your uif2iso for mac with a uif of a dvd and got the error message file is too big, it is about 3.4gb, any thoughts?
  • I went to the site to pick up the PPC based UIF program, and it doesn't seem to be there anymore...hmmm
  • ken
    well done! a windows-based colleague gave me some clients' work in uif format and this tool saved the day. i can confirm that this tool works reliably on an Apple G4 Quicksilver. thank you!
  • fuck yes. that was awesome and easy to suse. thanks for making this possible on the mac, you are a true hero.
  • GUIDE:

    If you will be using uif2iso on a regular basis it makes sense to copy it to you systems /bin directory.

    Doing so will enable you do use the program without having to navigate to it etc.


    First of all, using the Finder move the file called uif2iso from the folder you downloaded to the Desktop, this is purely to make things easier once in the terminal.


    Load up Terminal,

    Everything after a $ you will need to type into the Terminal window

    Replace LOGINNAME with your username

    $ sudo cp /Users/LOGINNAME/Desktop/uif2iso /bin

    Enter your password


    The sudo command gives cp (copy) permition to copy a file to /bin, which is normally locked for normal users.

    If you want to check it worked do the following

    $ cd /bin
    $ ls

    You should see a list of files, one of them should be uif2iso


    Now uif2iso is installed you can use it.

    As before replace LOGINNAME with your username and replace FILENAME.UIF and FILENAME.ISO with the filename of the file you wish to convert

    $ uif2iso /Users/LOGINNAME/Desktop/FILENAME.UIF /Users/LOGINNAME/Desktop/FILENAME.ISO


    Hopefully that will be detailed enough for anyone to follow, have fun :D
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  • Thank you so much. I used your UIF to ISO program for OS X. Worked seamlessly. So simple, yet so crucial to my work. Thanks again.

    Barré Guillen
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    Oh- yeah. For those who still can't do it. I have followed instructions by Jeremiah, 2. March 2008, 0:56. Thats replay nr.38. Worked for me.
  • Alex
    Thanks a lot folks! Wasn't that simple but eventually managed to do it( I'm new to macs). I don't know why they r saving those files in .uif if its so unpopular- idiots.
  • Weirod
    I got something wrong, anyone know what?

    UIF2ISO 0.1.2+p0
    by Luigi Auriemma
    e-mail: aluigi@autistici.org
    web: aluigi.org

    - open /Users/anders/Desktop/uif2iso-0.1.2p1/NeverWinter Nights Diamond Edition.UIF
    - create /Users/anders/Desktop/uif2iso-0.1.2p1/NeverWinter Nights Diamond Edition.iso

    file size 00000000a243e927
    version 1
    image type 8
    padding 0
    sectors 1341056
    sectors size 2048
    blhr offset 00000000a242fcb0
    blhr size 60535
    hash 505db66aabaa0029c841ee1c3a7de853
    Segmentation fault
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    I get a "file is too large" error. The file I'm working with is about 4GB, on 10.5.2. Great work on this utility otherwise though. Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong (I have ample free space).
  • issandr
    Thank you so much for going through the trouble of making that available -- much appreciated!
  • gnramos
    Great! thanks a lot
  • sixshades
    THank you!!!!!!!!!
  • tedor2
    Thanks, great!
  • Divid
    Thanks, that was great!
  • Dingaling
    Thankyou for the GUI. You're the greatest!!!
  • Baff57
    Superb!! What a great help thanks a lot.
  • donnie dixon
    Torsen, That's a fantastic piece of software you rebuilt. I did get it to work on my G4 PPC. The only instructions that worked were #34. I am posting my results to share with others. Are there any good command-line tutorials for newbies? I see now the serious importance of knowing how to navigate the Terminal. My Terminal input results:

    Welcome to Darwin!
    [pool-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~] donniedi% cd Desktop
    [pool-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/Desktop] donniedi% cd uif2iso-0.1.2p1
    [pool-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/Desktop/uif2iso-0.1.2p1] donniedi% ls
    Instructions uif2iso uif2iso.txt
    Makefile uif2iso.c file.uif
    [pool-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/Desktop/uif2iso-0.1.2p1] donniedi% ls
    Instructions uif2iso uif2iso.txt
    Makefile uif2iso.c file.uif
    [pool-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/Desktop/uif2iso-0.1.2p1] donniedi% ./uif2iso file.uif file.iso

    UIF2ISO 0.1.2+p0
    by Luigi Auriemma
    e-mail: aluigi@autistici.org
    web: aluigi.org

    - open file.uif
    - create file.iso

    file size 000000001c4df72f
    version 1
    image type 8
    padding 0
    sectors 268271
    sectors size 2048
    blhr offset 000000001c4db3af
    blhr size 17280
    hash b518f546684266867bb6495bb8f1744f
    - start unpacking:
    - 0x0000000020bf7800 bytes written
    [pool-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/Desktop/uif2iso-0.1.2p1] donniedi%
  • mich
    when i try this:
    ./pimsleurs_japanese.uif pimsleurs_japanese.iso

    i get this:
    -bash: ./pimsleurs_japanese.uif: Permission denied

    what can be the problem? please help. thanks :)
  • @Paul: That looks like a bash error. Sure you've got the command line right?
    @Donnie: I've just updated the build to be a universal binary. Should work on intel and ppc now.
  • donnie dixon
    I'm kinda lost with all the compile stuff and such. Using a PPC, G4/867DP. DL'd The newer PPC version from message #45 and created a folder with just the uif2isc.c and uif2iso.diff.txt inside of it. What do I do next? Can someone post instructions inside of ONE POST so that the newbies can pick up on terminal programming. Requesting instructions. Sounds like a great tool. I'd like to use it hopefully soon. Thank you everyone! Donnie Dixon
  • Joshua

    This website solved the compile errors I was having with a PowerPC G5...

    And I used the gcc compile and make install commands from this thread


    Good luck.
  • paul
    trying but get " -bash: hash: 2f55c3a2be048faf29d5cdda4a1412c3: not found

    Any suggestions?

    iMac G5 PPC os x.4
  • Very cool, thanks! This saved me from, uhh...the 10 minutes it would have taken to boot up Parallells.
  • Damien
    I am having some problems with this. I am new to mac and it is my first time using the command terminal but nothing i try seems to work.
    heres what I have done.

    cd Desktop



    then I have also put the file I want to change in to the uif2iso-0.1.2p0 folder and run the script as follows.

    ./uif2iso fbtb.uif fbtb.iso

    but all I get as a responce is:
    -bash: uif2iso: command not found

    Please could someone explain where I am going wrong here.
    Sorry I know its supose to be easy but like I said im new to mac.
  • Art
    Message to Michael.

    If it is Not an Intel based Mac you need the file available under

    If it is an Intel based Mac, you need the file available under

    Once you have the right file, unzip it with StuffIt and copy all files into one directory, let say

    Then in Terminal, choose your directory wher you have put all the files
    in my case in mac/desktop/uif2iso
    , the uif2iso application AND the uif file that you want to convert, in my case the LK.uif

    You should see the following prompt:
    mac:~/desktop/uif2iso mac$

    Then type exactly the following (copy and paste also works..!)
    ./uif2iso lk.uif lk.iso

    It should work.
  • allan
    great tool. thanks allot
  • Angelo
    I have compiled uif2iso for mac osx ppc and it works. I will post link shortly.
  • Here are the easy no fail steps to use this:

    1. Click on Spotlight and search for and open "Terminal"
    2. Open the uif2iso-0.1.2p0 folder and drag "uif2iso" to the Terminal window.
    3. You should now see a long sting of text, put a space after this text, then drag the xxxxx.uif file to the Terminal Window.
    4. There is now more text in the window, put another space after it and drag the xxxxx.uif in there again, this time delete the "uif" off the end and replace it with "iso" press enter, wait and there should be a new iso file in the same folder as the original "uif" file.

    The reason some people are having problems is that they are not typing the full path to the files in the Terminal. The above steps work regardless and you don't have to type anything.
  • Thanks man! I used to spend all kinds of time transfering files back and forth to Windowsland just to convert these file.
  • auser409
    Micheal, it looks like you did what i did, i nearly gave up, but it looks like you have downloaded the software from the wrong link you need to download the software from the link "my build (complied for intel)" try this and you will now be able to convert files, also make sure there are no spaces in your file name as it won't work, i'm a newbie to terminal as well, cheers great tool by the way
  • mad
    Nice tool !!
  • samuel R
    OMG I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO CONVERT when i saw the % show up i was F**K YEAH!!!!!!!! problem im having now is mac doesnt run .exe so ill have to get windows somehow to just to open the files and get the plugins im trying to get anyway ill write how i did it so we can get what we need with out headaches :)

    1.go to applications, down to ulities then open terminal
    2.make sure the contents from uif2iso-0.1.2p0 is on the desktop (that folder can be download from top of this article)
    3.go to terminal and type ls and hit return (should see everthing)
    4.if you see desktop amongest the list type cd Desktop and hit return
    5. then type ls again and it should show everything on the desktop
    6.then copy paste this ./uif2iso file.uif file.iso and paste it into terminal and hit return

    biggest problem i had is that the uif file needs to be called file.uif (my file orginally was called ALL AFTER EFFECTS PLUGINS.uif and once i changed that to file.uif and hit return it converted it to iso with all the .exe files

    good luck and thanks TO EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM Jonathan,tcurdt special thanks
  • felix
    I will admit my missing the correct download. Gotta put down the bong once in awhile...
  • felix
    So did anyone get the problem "cannot execute binary file" solved? I have the same problem on an intel Mac using terminal and x11. Whadda going on here?
  • Thanks! your tool save me a day!
  • This software is excellent. Thanks!
  • Andy T
    So Sexy!
    thank you so much...

  • aljuk
    "Cannot execute binary file" ???

    Do I take it this only works for Intel Macs and not PPC?
  • Now I can learn how to speak German.

    Das is good, ja. You are uber cool.
  • Michael
    Many thanks. I'm doing my best, but can't get it to work. I followed your instructions but got this message:

    -bash: ./uif2iso: cannot execute binary file

    Is this because my Mac isn't Intel-based?
  • Richard
    Thankyou so much! I love it when the third-party mac solution is better than the original windows software :) x
  • am
    Thanks, you saved me 2 hours by not having to install VMWare and WinXP and Magic ISO, ha!
  • JOe
    i got a problem. when i did it. i show -bash: ./uif2iso: cannot execute binary file

    try so many way. Can anyone help me ? please

  • mg
    Thanks for this!
  • Uh, boy ...I should work on my patience. Or just create UI for it - that might be actually easier ;)

    1. open terminal
    2. cd Desktop
    3. unzip uif2iso-0.1.2p0.zip (or unzip it via clicking on the archive)
    4. cd uif2iso-0.1.2p0
    5. ./uif2iso a.uif a.iso

    Guys, please do yourself a favor and learn at least the command line basics!
  • Greg
    terminal n00b here i'm afraid...

    i have uif2iso.exe on my desktop, along with a.uif, i've done this in terminal:

    Gregs-MacBook-Pro:~/desktop Greg$ uif2iso a.uif a.iso

    and i get this:

    -bash: uif2iso: command not found

    or when i try

    Gregs-MacBook-Pro:~/desktop Greg$ ./uif2iso a.uif a.iso

    i get this:
    -bash: ./uif2iso: is a directory

    ideas on a postcard please! Thanks
  • For those that get "Invalid argument" errors, I fixed the C source so it compiles without warnings, but more importantly, uses the right functions for large files under OS X. See my post
  • pp
    Works great ! Thank you very much
  • To those who got "Invalid Argument" Errors
    Try mounting the .iso you just created with Toast Titanium.
    worked for me.
  • That Sh*t PWNS!!
    gj UR 31337 tyvm
  • Naseer Khan
    Thanks for this great little utility. A lot of other places on the Google hits were saying we're out of luck on the Mac, and you gotta use MagicISO on the PC side. Good going...
  • Wow
    You are a bronzed adonis. Thank you for this bit of wonderment.
  • StriderChris
    Holy Smokes. I just started learning to use command line w/ my Mac and your site has saved the day. When I ran this, so much all the sudden made sense to me. I'd imagine this is how Neo felt when he started seeing the green lines in the Matrix :-P
  • UIF2ISO 0.1.1
    by Luigi Auriemma
    e-mail: aluigi@autistici.org
    web: aluigi.org

    - open dvd.uif
    - create file.iso

    Error: Invalid argument

    This is what i get everytime i try to convert it...
    I use this command "./uif2iso "dvd.uif" dvd.iso"
  • Is there any detailed method on how to do this in mac os?
    I am trying to make it with terminal but no luck...it says error...
  • Jonathan
    Here is what I did (and I'm somewhat of a Terminal newbie)
    1. Open Terminal (usually found in Applications/Utilities
    2. while in terminal type ls
    3. You should see a list of directories. Look for Desktop. If listed then,
    4. cd Desktop
    5. Type ls again to insure you are on the right level of your HD and your file is there
    6. type the instructions as listed above by tcurdt where file.uif is the name of the file you want to convert and file.iso is the name you want to give the converted file.
    7. Press return and wait a few secs/minutes depending on the size of the file.
    8. Voila! There you have it!

    Thanks again for the compile!
  • matthew
    Hey this is great. I have been trying to do this for a few days. Also its the first time I will use the terminal! Always wanted to. what other kinds of things can you do from there?
  • andy
    I have no real idea how to use terminal. You gave some instructions above but I don't know how to do what you are saying. "Open terminal and use "cd' to change into that dir." What exactly do you type. cd (then what?) my files are on my desktop.

    Obviously, I'm not getting what it is you are tying to say. Could you give me some further instruction?
  • David
    fantastic! worked a treat!
    thanks again,
    The Lawnmower Man [well getting there one baby step at a time]
  • Put all files into the same directory. Then open terminal and use "cd" to change into that dir. Then execute "./uif2iso file.uif file.iso" (Note the leading "./"!!) to start the process. Never thought you have to be an alpha geek for that :)
  • David
    fantastic! now I just need to learn how to use the command line in terminal :( (google got me here, I'm not an osx alpha user)
  • Thanks a lot. And thanks to Luigi too! This is cool!
  • bluesup51
    thanks! it made my day worthwile! :)
  • OMG! Thanks so much for compiling this for us! I would have just given up. <3 <3 <3
    You rock!
  • s8
    thanks! this tool has made my day! :)
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