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Wordpress almost killed this Blog

I know there are many fans of wordpress out there but for me it has become so annoying to deal with it that it’s at least one of the reason why this blog has been stale now for more than 6 months. You may call it a lazy excuse but I see my plain text posts piling up on my machine. Whenever I turn to wordpress the bug and update madness lets me feel the pure pain and I just want to close the browser. Running it on a virtual server not exactly fun either. It has become quite a memory hog over time. So instead I use twitter for the quick posts most of the time.

The blog system will change in the not so far out future on this site. The move to the disqus comments was a first step. But I no longer want to hold up until it is in place.

So for those still reading…. stay tuned and thanks for listening.

  • You can use Joomla or Drupal, but the administration and load speed are a hassle.
  • robreed
    You may want to try Ode (pronounced o-dee) for a completely difference experience. Posts are plain text files, themes are essentially a single HTML file which you can work with directly in your preferred editor or development environment. The emphasis is on simplicity. The project website is at ode-is-simple.com. If you're interested, you may want to look at this presentation for a quick introduction: http://news.ode-is-simple.com/...
  • Thanks for the tip with DISQUS. :-)
  • arthurguru
    There are only a handful of blogs that I find authorative, considerate, well thought out, and worth my time visiting, and the tcurdt blog is one of them.

    I find microblogging like twitter ramblings to be mostly for the self comfort of the author, especially when thousands are rambling about pretty much the same thing at the same time using the same vocabulary. I don't enjoy them and as a consequence I don't find much value in them.

    Torsten, I appreciate the effort you put into your blogs and the end result, no matter how unintutative the blogging tool can be, is worthwhile. I hope you continue to exercise your writing talent and showcase it in > 140 characters.

  • I also think it is Micro-Blogging is killing certain type of Blogs or rather Blog posts. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Blogs are for articles, Micro-Blogging is for the occasional "Came across this BTW". IMO they work together quite well. I all comes down to the question whether you have something to say that requires more than 140 characters :)

    ...but for me: when blogging I want to concentrate on the writing - not the tool. I know for some people the tool is the actual interesting part. ("Hey, I found yet another cool Wordpress plugin!") But for me that became just annoying over time. When blogging I would rather just write. Preferably with a proper editor.
  • When I decided to move away from MovableType (eeek, Perl!) I quickly set Wordpress aside. It has a very nice feature set and gorgeous themes, but reading the many horror stories of update nightmares or hacked blogs because of security holes wasn't really appealing.

    I'm fairly happy with Drupal now. I chose it because it was easy to do more with Drupal than with a simple blog engine like DotClear or Seredipity, and of course I never did more than blog pages ;-)

    And I agree with Michael: Twitter amlost killed blogging. It's so easier to jot down a small sentence in an always-on Twitter client than open a web page, think of a title, articulate a long clear text. So easier when you don't have much time!
  • For most of us, is Micro-Blogging killing Blogging?
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