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Wordpress or Linotype

148793428 6d3cfe1216 t Wordpress or Linotype148793458 bf11ab4b10 t Wordpress or LinotypeI am currently trying to get rid of movabletype. It has served me well but I just don’t like perl. It’s ok as long as you don’t have to mock around with the internals but as soon as you wanna do some funky stuff …and play a little. People probably say I should try the new version first but… still. Trying linotype sounds much more appealing. …more fun. It’s not yet that feature rich but it would be a good opportunity to improve it. Besides: simplicity is often elegance.

This being said I came across wordpress and it seems to be exactly what I have always looking for in the past.

Just install it? Or eat our own dog food? Hm….

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