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Wordpress 2.0

Hmmm… I’ve just switched to the new version of wordpress …as you might have noticed. TBH it’s shocking how few innovations they’ve put into the standard install. Guys! Why still categories? Include the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin into the core and get rid of categories! RSS feeds for comments by default please! Maybe I should infect them with all the ideas I have instead of waiting for some spare time to implement something myself. *sigh* …and if you look on how they use mod_rewrite to get permanent links (*puke*) it just reminds you how cool the cocoon sitemap concept is.

Talking about tags …for those who are not subcribed through planet apache: in case you don’t want to read my travel posts and are only after the techie stuff you can also subscribe to tags. The planet feed e.g. is https://vafer.org/blog/"postmetadata alt">10. January 2006 | ,

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