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Safari 3.1 – only one cert at a time

If you are have more than one client cert installed – hold back the Apple Safari update to 3.1. Otherwise all you will get when you try to access a secured resource is

Safari can’t open the page “https://someserver.com/page†because it couldn’t establish a secure connection to the server “someserver.comâ€

For some reason Safari 3.1 does no longer show the dialog box where you can select which client cert to present to the web site. While you can manually create an identity preference (right click in My Certificates in Keychain on Leopard) it seems like you can only specify exact resources – which is not really manageable. So if you (just as me) have been a little to quick with the upgrade you might want to try these instructions to downgrade to 3.0.4.

Update: this bug is still present in 3.1.1 (5525.18)

  • Safari 3.1 also make gmail unusable, well at least for me.
    When composing an email then pressing tab, shift, ctrl, alt, cmd causes the cursor to jump up to the email address bar. The only workaround is to switch to plain text or use Camino/Firefox. Google are working on a solution.
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