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It’s the battery, stupid!

IMG_7006When I came from vacation I had a lot of mails and news to work through. My MacBookPro was tucked away for a bit more than a week. No one touched it. Still for some reason the touchpad button was broken. It got stuck all the time. I couldn’t figure out why and just used a mouse. “Stupid Apple !$%@! Quality !@$#!“. Then after a sudden I realized – it’s the battery! It was “growing” and bending the case of the MacBookPro so the button got stuck. Quickly I’ve removed the battery and are now running the MBP without it. Athough God knows I treat my babies well – this one has just caused me grief. The dark spots (that now returned again), the uneven lit screen, a broken optical drive and now the battery spawning and breeding. Boy, quality has at some stage been a feature of Apple. This was a machine from work. But I so need to get Apple Care for my private one I hope to order next week.

Really annoying that the get away with charging extra for a proper customer care …while you already have to pay premium. I so don’t get this Mac fanboy-ism anymore.

Update: At the Apple shop they urged me to call Apple support. And although the MacBook Pro was already well out of warranty (20 months) and the battery was NOT covered by the battery return program, they just replaced the battery within 2 days. Nice!

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