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Plug in, plug out

148794150 20b351c6dd t Plug in, plug outHm… now I had my first experience with the Apple support. To be honest so far the best support I’ve ever had (*knock on wood* …maybe I was just lucky) although the problem is not solved yet. I called them to get some details about the loooooooooong delay I get when plugging in a headphone into the headphone/line-out output.

Plugin …10 seconds silence while OS X seems to be a bit busy (doesn’t feel healthy) …then finally sound on the headphones. The other way round when unplugging.

I never thought this could be such big problem and called the Apple hotline. Actually I ended up speaking them for about an hour trying all differen kinds of resets. Thought I share what I’ve learned:

Bios reset
Remove battery and power adapter. Hold the power button
for about 5 seconds. ATTENTION: I was told NOT to do this
reset twice (without rebooting)
Update: Ctrl+Alt+Shift on boot seems to be another way

Audio and video reset
Comand+Alt+R+P as soon as the machine boots.

Safe mode (boot up with only required components)
Shift on boot.

Firmware Reset
Command+Alt+O+F as soon as the machine boots.
The Open Firmware console should show up. Enter the commands


The reseting did help a bit but it is still far too long according to the support.
When booting up in safe mode I don’t get any sound. No sound output or input devices are being found. The guy from the hotline said that this would be a really bad sign! …but actually it is the same for Marcus! (Any other reports welcome!) Would be a strange coincident.
In the end he wanted me to re-install my operating system …not very eager to do so. Especially since I probably need to do that in a few weeks anyway – when Tiger comes out :-D

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