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148792884 8c80a82bdf t Apple iPodLast week I finally took a first step into the world of Apple. As a little reward for the busy times lately I got myself a 40GB iPod. Sweeeeet! This little but expensive toy is just amazing.

Right away I started organizing my mp3s. This little windows program was very handy. After I got all(!) my mp3s on this little thingy I was happy. I used it a couple of days …until it just stopped working :-( My iPod was just frozen! As described in the FAQ I tried to reset it. The reset worked well …but my iPod refused to boot. No Apple logo – nothing. Just some very quiet clicking sounds. Even letting the battery run out did not help to resurrect my new little toy. I had to get it replaced.

I am a bit suspicious… on both of my iPods there was already music on it. The second one was even named after a person. Maybe I did not get a new one? Really strange!

Anyway, I am hoping the second one will last much(!) longer….

  • Marco Melas
    hope it wasn't you-know-who-i-mean's name ;-)

    good luck with the second one =)

  • Actually I have been just surprised about the music on the iPod. In the end I assumed this would be a nice "give away". Which would make sense. But at least the second one was already named after a person - which made me really suspicious...
  • I believe (and could well be wrong) that iPods are meant to come with a bunch of sample songs on them. I would be exceptionally surprised if you were given a second hand iPod that hadn't even been wiped - not least of all because that would put Apple in breach of copyright laws and really piss off the record companies that Apple's working pretty hard to keep on side.

    Can't explain the different names or different selection of music (if there was different music) though.
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