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Sony Ericsson problems

I know Pier is pretty excited about his new Sony Ericsson mobile …and I was fine with my K750i, too …until this one morning about two weeks ago.

I’ve noticed that my phone was much less stable down here (in Australia). Every now and then it got stuck and I had to reboot it (=remove the battery, wait, put the battery back in). But that very morning not even that helped! It just gave me a white screen …or got stuck just at the logo. After about 20 tries I managed to get a network connection again ….but not for long.

So I called the support hotline. They said since it is a German phone it *might* have some problems with the Telstra network. (Huh!?) He suggested a master reset and a firmware upgrade. If I cannot get it working I have to send it back to Germany as there is no such thing as a world wide warranty for it. They would have to charge me in Australia although it’s only about half a year old.

After fighting with the crappy Sony Ericsson update software I got the new firmware installed. (The updater software insisted that my version of flash was not compatible – but did not even bother to tell me which one was the right one. Installing an old version of the software itself worked in the end) A few days went by and it looked as if my phone was working properly again …until it got stuck again on Sunday.

This time though it did not even bother to turn on at all! Removing the batteries, putting them back in, charging …nothing – just a black screen. I fear I have to check how much the repair will be. This sucks so badly – so far the worst experience I’ve had with any of my phones.


Fortunately a colleague had a spare mobile so at least I am reachable again.

  • Disable the Internet connection ;)
  • Can you be more specific :))
  • Ovidiu
    Erase SIM messages and if it still doesn't work do a master reset. ( But make sure to do a backup of the address book first :D ). If it still doesn't work reflash it.
  • Ovidiu
    Then why did you buy it ?
  • Thug124
    i dnt gt wat ive 2 du...x
  • Asawa Anki
    i cant send messeges via my cell all my inbox ,sent items.templates n saved messeges r deleted still i recieve a notifiaction saying dat messege capicity reached maximunm plese delete some messeges] can someone plz suggest me how to fix dis problem
  • Meet13dutt
    my handset is not opreting plz help me
  • Huma_humayun78
    I bought W200i bad mobile with out bluetooth bad camera result and bad voice so anyone buy this phone he/she is totally silly
  • Huma_humayun78
    i have sony ericson W200i but it is too bad so any one buy this phone so he/she is totally silly bad camera bad voice without blue tooth
  • Samrose85
    woops ment warning signs on my phone
  • Samrose85
    i have waing signs and red crosses top left hand corner of screen and have no internet connection? how can i resolve this please some one help ?
  • Ovidiu
    Try to reflash it or update it because if the file system on it is damage or corrupt reseting the phone to it's original settings will still revert to the same old broken file system...All you need is a DCU-60 cable, the internet and patience to work this one out...

  • Friico
    I was to exited, it worked for 30 minutes or so and now its white again. So i guess i join the "SE is a piece of sht" club.
  • Friico
    My sisters Z310i had the fabulous white screen. I put the sim card in and turned it on and typed blindly, following another working z310i menu, to master reset. Afer 2nd restart it seems ok. Just lucky :)
  • Ovidiu

    Have you tryed to update it using SEUS ? if it says that there are no updates just hit the next button to reinstall the last update. If that fails, if the software on it is branded (e.g. Vodafone, Orange etc. ) just debrand it and install the original SE software. If this doesen't resolve it then consider buying a new phone.

    my sony ericsson w300i is 2.5 years old. recently it restars of its own and gets back to normal mode. can someone please help me?????
  • hafeez123
    sony ericsson k510 lcd light solution
  • Ovidiu
    Need some help with a z520i...the phone broke down and gave a WSOD. I reflashed the firmaware and file system on it... same issue....updated with SEUS...the phone is working but...and here's the nasty part...if i open the lid fully...nothing but a white screen shows up (not wsod), if i close the lid and then very slowly open it again, after the click the screen image will apear, woring fine, if I open the lid all the way same white screen apears. I realyze that there is a problem with the physical connection of the screen to the mother board but i could use another advice on this matter.
  • Ovidiu
    Well... smash the display and phone is crap...just google up a second hand w910i, break it apart ( not with a hammer ) and replace the display on the other crap..
  • mikrojee
    insert correct sim card
    sony eriesson w810i
    my country Greece
  • darren
    p.s. even my sony blu ray player has software issues. I will never buy anything sony again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • darren
    Finally gave up with my 890i today. Pity, it really is a well made, feature packed phone that slots into any pocket inobtrusively...why then if SE can produce so many incredible phones, do they keep sending them out with software issues. Got so frustrated trying to run my business with a shit phone, it got launched at the wall full pelt. what good is a phone if you cannot answer or make calls properly! You know what, when i re-assembled and switched it back on to retrieve my contacts it still worked even the cracked screen was still readable. amazing build quality but still total crap! back to Nokia!!!
  • Usman
    hi this is usman from dubai . i have some problem in my mobile sony ericsson k800i . the problem is i click the master reset and it's being restart and after the restart it's still error and error is please wait . please you can do somthing
  • iPhone or BBerry
    Late comment, but I've had my w810i now for well over three years, and from a functionality standpoint - as well as durability - this phone still rocks. Few phones do get better reception. A true statement that in order to make a great mobile phone, you need to start with a good hardware platform - a good RADIO! And radios is something Ericsson always been good at designing (at expense of exterior design and UI)

    Only thing that royally sucks is SEMC's PC Suite. A worse application for synching has yet to be found.

    A new iPhone has been sitting on my desk for the past two weeks, and I guess it is time to upgrade, so it is likely bye-bye SEMC. You have extremely served me well since 1993! If the iPhone will not cut it, I'm going with the new BBerry Bold 9700. A very sweet machine that (at least) has a radio that is far superior to the iPhone.
  • sulaiman
    hi sir how did u know solved w910i display complaint
  • tejaspingu
    when i try to flash my sony Ericson mobile phone (cid 53) it gives error:-
    openplugin<cunnecttphone <br="" device="" find="" info="" phone<getcid<cant="" to="">in xml[53 red>>>></cunnecttphone>
  • Jenny Chen
    I have Sony Ericsson W580i with white blank screen. I have think it is very good phone, but never think it is very bad.
  • John
    I have the same problem of the blocked WHITE SCREEN with my new 3 days old Sony ericsson W302 .... Extremely frustrating, as every now and then I get a white screen and the phone is frozen ....

    I need to send it to the service ceter,though how annoying for a new phone ....
  • Suman Pal
    Thanks a ton for posting your experience; faced the identical problem and got it fixed after weeks of dread and frustration!
  • aarkay
    Jesus .. ws about o buy a Sony Ericsson again .. I have used a Z530i for the last 5 years ... and so far i have faced problems like -->

    01. MIC is gone. Nobody hears me on he other end.
    02. The display panel is moving , shaking .. broken inside
    03. The connector port is crappy .. cannot attach the earphones + mic thingy easily.

    But i nver had flashy screens ... the phone served many purposes 2 me..
    01. My remote control fr my HTPC
    02. A music player for hours..
    03. A nice gaming machine.. when it was new
    04. A nice handy flip phone .. that wud my friends jealous
    05. No WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH atleast.
    06. Awesome speed of operation .. never had a problem with sms inputs and e mails.
    07. GPRS worked awesome for me.
    08. I have an extennsive app collection ..

    BUT now i m thinking of a NOKIA .. cant help it .. i m unable 2 talk 2 people with this phone . sory SE guys .. luvd u .. but now NOKIA is good fr me ..

  • rahul
    ihave also sufered from same problem of white screen of death in my se w880i but then ihave heated it after removing the battery for a short duration and it start working
  • nina
    I read with great interest all your comments and would like to point out that the problem with sony products, as some of you have already noticed, is that SONY DOES NOT HAVE A WORLDWIDE WARRANTY! for any of their products. if you buy a sony product in one region, be it Europe, USA, Australia etc. etc. you must send it back (at your expense)back to that region for evaluation and repairs. I bought a sony laptop in europe and was unable to get it serviced or repaired while travelling worldwide. most other manufacturs cary out world wide warranty and service, except for sony. For some peculiar view of sony, they do not expect their customers to travel with mobile phones, laptops, etc. etc.

    therefore, as a frequent traveller, I avoid buying any sony products, as i know that should there be any problems with the product, i will not be able to get it repaired in another region.

    my advice to all TRAVELLERS - DO NOT BUY ANY SONY PRODUCTS, till they change their warranty policy.

  • David
    I GOT IT!!!!!!
    I've just changed the Flexcable on my SE W300i and the WSOD is gone!
    Everything's back to normal!!
    It only costed me 12$...I bought it from this website... www.tanstartrade.com
    The exact link is... http://tanstartrade.com/index....
    I used this video as a guide to do it myself...pretty easy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
    After disassembling my phone, I noticed a very smaal crack on an inner corner of the original flexcable....that was probably the source of the WSOD.
    Just be carefull not to damage the new flexcable when reassembling...just stay calm...if you know what I mean....god damned micro pieces!!!!
    Good luck to everyone!!
    By the way, I also use a SE 600i for almost 3 years and never got any sign of the WSOD....it make sense now cause this one is not a flip phone...so no flexcable there! Now I'm looking for the all new SE XPERIA X1... it just seems to have everything...does anyone have some feedbacks to give me on this new phone?

  • LenV
    The Sonyericsson 810i is bad also had this one 5 months and now the dreaded white screen of death. Tried new battery and downloaded updated software lasted one hour then back to white screen these phones are not fit for purpose and should be recalled as they have a manufacturing fault.
  • The Dude
    I just had the problem with flickring screen when you power the phone. It happened because I pressed the power so fast or I had the battery door open and when I pressed the power the battery fill out Or the battery was bad and gave out high voltage than normal. And when I tried to power it I got this flickring screen.
    Thanks for all your comment about this issue. It helped me solve it. I knew it‘s software problem. So I went home and used sony ericsson update service and you can get that from their website for free. And I re-updated the phone. It said that my phone is up-to-date. So I re-updated it anyway.
    I hope that will help.
  • Susan
    WOW!!!!! I had bought a set of 4, Sony Ericsson Z310a 's for my family Dec. of 07'. Started having problems about 4 months later with one, sent it back to ATT and they "replaced" it, Oct 08' sent 2 more back and was sent 2 more "replacements", and now officilally all 4 original and 4 "replacements" have all had the "screen of death". I'm totally frustrated and can't believe that Sony Ericsson has stooped to such levels. How can they sell so much "crap" and not have to be responsible for what they've done????????? I will NEVER buy another phone from them. And to the customer sevice rep that finds all this amusing, I know everybody's gotta work but most people won't work for a company that they don't belive in, or is that where the standards started slipping???????????? Yes, I'm mad, I was sold not one but 4 products that couldn't deliver. Susan from Florida
  • Mim
    My "Sony Ericson k510i" is not working properly..Everytime i switch it on it restarts..How do i solve this problem??
  • oz
    absolutely amazed to find this site. even more amazed to see entries up until this month!!!!

    Obviously a problem. yes, as of last night i have the lovely blank, frustrating blank screen. havent yet rung sony. looks like not much point. I have the 700i model. has been great until it crashed.

    took out the batt about 30 times last night and tried all sorts of things to try and get it up and running.

    law suit?... media?....im off to check out the various links mentioned above and will be ringing sony.. then perhaps our local scam busting tv show..

    good luck all
  • Michelle
    I currently own the K850i which is the crappest phone I have ever had the experience of owning

    It turns itself on and off when it feels like

    Happily turns itself on in the middle of a telephone conversation (most recently during a telephone interview)

    Screen freezes

    Deletes texts of its own accord

    Its so bloody infuriating...I have owned numerous Sony Ericcsons without any problems at all and I have even recommended the phones to my friends.

    After a very lengthy chat on the house phone re the problems and being told that they will not replace the phone but will fix it AGAIN....they want me to send it for the 6th time for a fix.

    So I took matters into my own hands and drop kicked the phone out of the front door went to the bottom of the garden picked up the phone to discover the screen all smashed in. I have sent it back to the manufacturer in the state its in with a very long letter of complaint and hopefully now I will get a satisfactory response or I shall need to consider taking further action against them

    I'll update in due course
  • jl
    i have had this problem...i fixed it....put all cards (memory and sim) in the phone. put in battery. plug in the charger. and slam the damn thing as hard as u can against the counter...slam it till it falls in a million pieces......ahhhhh....works for me. the phones are crap....sony ericsson sucks....we all got scammed
  • KM
    I've same white screen issue on W830i. The service centre has replaced everything except the main motherboard. They have done firmware upgrade etc..
    Nothing worked. I won't buy anything from SONY. Their products are real waste.
  • Etis
    my sony ericsson z520 had a problem.it is impossible to turn it on and if you try to turn it on just appear a blue light at number9 and #.a guy told me to reformat myu phone.what do i have to do
  • i have sony erocsion k790i today i restore my mobile then my mobile switch off and show me this messege please wait
    i want software to this mobile
    I have always trusted Sony Ericsson. I love the GUI. My w810i slipped from my hand and fell once and now WSOD. I had plans to buy sleekier SE phone in the future but seeing the WSOD as a universal problem with SEs I've changed my mind. It's rather unfortunate that the phone's manufacturer's have turned deaf ears if not blind eyes to our problem. I'm in Ghana, Africa, and it is vain to think of lawsuit but I think SE should find a permanent solution this WSOD. I love SE phones and this is my 4th SE handset. I'm very disappointed and now I don't know the brand to use.

    Sony Ericsson, WAKE UP...
  • I have Sony Ericsson T 290 phone recenlty iis bocome battery law soon though iI Charged it I replaced new battry also but this issue remain it it a problem with my phone
  • Emma
    My Z310i is creating problems. When i turn it off, i get this grey/white screen that dosnt do anything, and the keyboard light flashed on and off. If anyuone knows anything about it, or how to fx it, please contact my email

  • vamsi yarlagadda
    Hi dudes, even i had the same bledy problem with this bullshit brand.(k-750i).the menu automatically runs itself and messages deliver to recepients before submitting. For this technical problem, my phone was upgraded with a new software, as it is in warranty. After upgradation it just worked for 1week and reached the hell. Did I realize?no folks not yet...again i went for K530i and this too again followed its ancestor's rule...no compromise in jumping screens/automatic dialing/messaging/answering calls and the list keeps on going....Finally I now fixed with 'NOKIA'
  • Boon
    I own a K790a for over a year now. I've already sent my phone out for "repairs" a little over 4 months ago. I asked what the repair shop did, to which the clerk said that they just reflashed my phone and used the original firmware. The phone was almost good as new! But recently the phone has fallen back into it's shitty ways with freezing and eventually it stopped working all together last week. I spent some time looking for a solution, and found a lot of people talking about something called wotanserver.com. I tried it, followed the instruction and paid 7 euros, and it works! But not perfectly though. It worked enough that my phone turns on again. But it still freezes.

    All I know is this is the last Sony Ericsson I'll ever get. EVER.

    Oh and wotanserver.com is a site that is specifically for Sony Ericssons. I'm sure they get paid by Sony ericcson too... just a guess. :D
  • ade
  • mike krause
    my sony ericson phone is a big peice of shit. same thing. screen stopped working. the buttons all crack and fall out. the software never works. and they will do nothing to fix it
  • lauren
    im having problems with my sony erricson k800 i go 2 send a message, but do u no the little message dat comes up on the top of the screen before the balance comes up. well it is appearing at the minnute and it wont go away ive yurned my phone off and on and took everything out and put it bak in but it just keeps comming back up. it is stopping me from sending my messages can somebody please help me? please
  • meats
    my w910i wont switch on or charge after having it flashed and unlocked
  • eljen
    Im having problem with my W960i .... often times its touch screen is not functioning, after few days it will work but few days it will not function again!!! How can i possibly trouble shoot this thing !!!!!! Its very disgusting
    my sony ericsson phone model W960i with serial number cb5a0n7829 fell into water and refuse to power on.
    please can someone help me on what to do?
    my email is husseiniidris@yahoo.com
  • Myke D
    i have a pair of w300i's and one goes nutz in the video player, and the other has just gone wsod after 3 months...

    i found this site, might be of interest to some...


    the actual guy who found out why there dying, and no one at sony/e knows?
  • Stef
    I have a W910i and i don't know what happened but my screen is cracked (i think cos i crushed it?) and now I can't see anything..it's just pitch black !!! Is there a way I can fix this or are Sony Ericsson phones just poor quality ??
  • Matt "im pissed at sony crap h
    i have the z310a. wow. the other day i took out the battery and put it back in..... now it wont turn on. i stick my tongue to the copper and get small tingles... so its charged. when i plug it in to the computer, the lights on the side flicker on and off

    sony ericsson is by far the biggest piece of sh*t. i hope they tank in this time of poor economics, that wat they desurve
  • Karine
    This is awful!!! My Z310i is not working anymore, and it's not my fault. 3 days ago, I opened it and all I could see was a blank screen, but later it went back to normal. The next day, it was uncertain if it was right or not every time I opened it, and then... that was it!!! No more than the blank screen...
    I'm very disappointed. Now I’m pretty sure that we don’t have to buy any Sony Ericsson mobile.
  • sam
    The K850i has the BROD. Blue Ring of Death.

    It has been returned to Sony "4" times and they can't fix it.

    It wont take a charge. Yet they wont test the phone the way they should. By trying to charge it.....instead they direct connect!!!!

    I HATE SONY ERICSSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Peter
    Well, i guess all has been said already. Reading through all these comments made my little bit of hope disappear in an instant....
    My K800i hasn't survived the year due to the feared WSOD (white screen of death); not charging anymore, not recognizing the USB cable and now even the annoying white screen gave up on me.
    Left with a black screen I kindly put my finger up for a big FUCK YOU sony ericsson. Hope you guys have more luck then me with your phone!
  • sammy mukwa
    I have a W810i.After removing the battery yesterday for about 20 minutes the LCD display was white & blinking.This is the fist time am experiencing this. The phone us unable to start, cant be recognized by a computer and it has my important documents saved withing the phone memory! Am stuck, disappointed by the phone. If anyone has ever experienced the same and has a solution to the same, please assist me and i will highly appreciate.
  • marek
    i have the model w300i and am 14 years old... i know what your thinking im retarded and drop my phone alot.... yea its true but i got a text and my phone shut off for no reason... i gave it 20 seconds of holding the power button to turn back on..nothing.... is anyone else experinceing problems like this? i stole my brothers w300i and he thinks his broken... i just simply switched the sim cards omg its fucken funny anyway comment back
  • Mr. ALI
    Hello guides !
    i've problem withm my Sonyericsson k510i. Its LCD turns into White screen during normal USE. All other functions still work but just LCD colour remains WHITE. can somebody tell me what can i do now? i really want help?
    PLz Help me...

    my Address is redrose_4u_2008@yahoo.com plz send me TIps to recover this problem.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE..................
  • Emir
    I losst my USB cable.So I cant put my documents to Memory Stick Duo.What should i do???PLZZZ somebody help me
  • W810i
    Hey i am having problems with my w810i i put the USB cable in (something that i have done lots of times before) PUT A CONVERTED VID on the memory card and then ejected it.
    Then i turned the fone on and the white screen came then the sony ericcson Logo then it wen off and then came on the same thing off. if any 1 knowz 1 2 do please email me i would appreciate it its ice_2k8@hotmail.co.uk
  • Amanda_F
    Hi, i have a Sony Ericsson and my phone went wack one day and just went Black i can't get it to go to were i can see eny thing and i think my screen died i can still call people i just can't see anything on my screen i have had my phone for about 4 mouths.....I'm Really Frusterated..!!!!!!!
    This phone Stinks...!!!!!!
  • one of it cause is when you move files from memory card to phone memory, when your phone memory is very low on free space! that's what happen to me. i move a 1.2mb 3gp file from my memory card to my phone memory. i already checked my phone memory's free space, it's 1.2mb. that file was moved successfully as usual but after i got my phone switched off and restarted again that's when the continuos auto-restart happen. my phone onlty restart until it shows "searching for network" the search for network cannot be accomplished either bcause the phone keep restarting automatically! there's no way i can access the menu. if i can only access it and delete for some free memory i'm sure the problem will be memories :| have anyone got a solution!? please help. email me for god sake! oil is expensive nowadays. i havent got the cash for a new, at least semi-quality phone.. damn.... :|
  • Doug
    Same problem here. Almost exactly one month after warranty expired. White screen of Death!! Does anyone have a solution???
    Ontario, Canada
  • Mena
    Hi there,
    I have the same problem with my K510i, after 8 month’s working, two days ago it just turned white and what I hate more is I can't turn it of without removing the battery and is killing me, I think I just lost about 250 contacts, and that’s make me mad.
  • Jacob
    Hi,, I've had a WSOD 4 times in THREE WEEKS :@ Here explained how to reset/reboot your phone ;)
    First get your SIM and Memory card out, battery back in.
    Than use FAR manager,XS++ or Wotan Server to put your firmware back on your phone. WATCH OUT! The garantee of your phone will expire when you use this, but it will work again ;) One problem, you first need to find that firmware on the Internet ;)
    What also could work: Put your phone off (battery out -,-) and do nothing about 2/3 weeks.. It should work again, but I can't wait so long... xD
    Let me know if it works again or if you know how a WSOD arises, let me know =) (jpvd@live.nl ;) )
  • Hmmm
    Well.. just as most of the unfortunate costumers that have commented on this issue, my K550i just gave me the WSOD. I followed all the procedures that were available and they all failed. I just called Sony Ericsson's customer service as my last resort and I was lucky to talk to a polite and seemingly smart lady. She asked me a few questions and explained that as their troubleshooting policy they were supposed to send me a battery, free of charge, and call them back if the problem wasn't fixed. If the phone still doesn't work, they will take it up for repair or replacement. Still, the battery will take 3-4 business days to get here, and it still wont garantee that my phone will be fixed. Hopefully it does. Good luck to everyone!
  • Jay

    I've been looking for a fix for this phone for quite awhile now. I initially tried the "Patch" from the download site with no success. However, I tried it again right after out of frustration and it seems to fix it now...oh wait, the phone isn't shutting down...yeah, Sony sucks.
  • Dave
    Yesterday, i posted a new topic at www.gsmarena.com about Sony Ericsson's mobile display problems. and put a link on this forum to make people aware of this problem before they decided to buy a unit. today i went to the site to check it out, to my surprise they removed my entry. wow!!! to think that gsmarena is a mobile review site, they should have atlest have a review about this problem, but sad to say, instead they seem to ignore it.
  • Dave
    Hi all,

    i was so amazed to find out that i am not alone with my problem. i have a k750i and ihave the same problems with my phone(sreen turning white for good) how can we get the Ericsson company to hear us? i mean they surely can't just ignore us. why do ericsson phones got a good reviews then forgot to mention about the possible problems that could arise? i an so frustrated with this fone!!!
  • fckSony¬¬
    I had just arrived from my very first concert. I was sooo happy that i had recorded a lot from it and took several pics. My K810a marked low batt. When I took it out of my pocket to pass the files to the computer... it was off. I figured this was due to the fact that it had 0% batt. I plugged it to the charger.. and turned it on, then... WSOF!!! How convenient!! ¬¬
    I left it charging the whole night. Day after.. stil the fckn white screen. I tried everything! removing memory, sim, battery... still, no answer. Im not sure on what advises shown here to follow. People form Telcel (where i bought it) told me i needed to send it to the company to get it fixed, that it was a display problem or something. This implies me loosing every single file i had! i wish i could repair it myself. I know i can do it if i follow the correct instructions, if there is a solution. I don't know which solution to follow, i dont want to make te problem worse.. u____u
    i just want my files back, and my pc wont recognize the usb when i connect the phone to it.. it never did.
    any suggestions?
  • Eisenhorn
    I have a SE k610i. It has a lot of nice features, but the quality is sh** and the SE support is realy a joke! After only 7 months of use, the battery indicator jumps randomly between 100 % and 0% and then shuts down. I sent it in 3 times and all they did is to master reset it an replace the battery. I wrote them mails of complain but the dont take me for serious. Sony Ericsson REALLY SUCKS. They cant just sell phones a promise you a 2 year warrenty, but then they arent willing to help you. In my eyes this is beguilement.
  • sebastian_m
    Really annoying - I got my WSOD with the Z520i today and just adding myself to a list of sony industry victims, without seeing a chance to get help. Annoying.
  • Nokia
    Sony Ericsson SUCKS!!!!
  • FrankL
    I have WSOD Z520i but works fine.
    All I need is someone with the same model and factory version of the firmware ( I have never updated) to tell me the key sequence to get to the master reset.
    There should be a website with a collection of key sequences for people to try a master reset when they can not see the display.
    SO anyone got a key sequence for a Z520i or know of a link to one?

  • Gazza
    Had the same problem with two phones now W800i and the W900i, had my w800i for since it forst came out never had a problem, white screen popped up recently thought its had its time, then was using the w900i for a while and same thing blank white screen now im stuck reading trying to sort shit out
  • vinny
    hey everyone... THERE IS A FIX!!!
    i feeel kinda stupid now knowing what i know now and re-reading my comment. i was a little angry about my phone dieing and needed to vent my anger out so i did so in this forum. however there is a fix!!! a little reading never goes astray... it seems as if i was correct in thinking that there was some sort of corruption on the physical memory in the phone as flashing your firmware causes a fix. however this cannot be done throughsony erricson update service (SEUS) but through other programs such as XS++. this forum explains how to go about fixing your phone aswell as modding it out(http://www.topsony.com/forum/s...). it does however require a little reading and making sure you have the right files before flashing. this forum i found helps you figure out what you need according to what country or network you are in but only for W810's, however it is not nesisary to use this(http://www.expansys.com.au/ft....). and youl need to scroll down a little. anyways. i hope this provides a little enlightenment. and ps... although this process can take up to 7 hours... it really does fix your phone if you follow the instructions carefully. its as simple as reformatting your hard drive if not simpler. plz excuse the spelling :D If anyone needs a little help... dont be afraid to contact me (serrykon@hotmail.com) do provide your phone make, the country you live in and or your network. replys may take several days, however i will do my best to assist
  • vinny
    wow. that truely is amazing. i bought my w810i outright for $400 only for it to be sold for $200 a month later and another two months later the white screen of death had its toll on me. so i really hit the jackpot here. i always seemed to think sony reflected quality with its products however as naive as i have been, i am dumbfounded by the missleading representation of these phones. so i plead to anyone reading this... spread the truth... tell people how dodgey these phones are. complain and winge... do what you can... and never buy a SE product again.

    i searched google hoping to find a solution as all you have done and are doing. you would think it would be as simple as reformatting your computer but this truely is puzzeling. my only thoughts are that the phone's physical memory drive (whatever type that may be), has somehow been corrupted which has allowed a fix once the firmware is updated or changed for some of the people who have reported so... however contradincting what i just mentioned... its some sort of simple loop causing the phone to flash white and black. therefore if it was some sort of currption in the drive, it shouldnt always cause the white screen loop and people would be reporting different errors or dificulties. unless it really is a hardware issue where as the phone starts up something is shorting causing it to start up again and again... how has this issue not been solved by its own developers. they designed the system and dont even know how to fix it let alone find out what the problem is or whats causing it? its as if this phone was designed to fail. i mean... you search a computer error... and 9 times out of ten youl find the answer. AN ANSWER or even a reason to what would be causing this. but with this phone... you dont even get a reason. its not the money or the phone numbers that i have lost or even that i got ripped off that troubles me. its just so irritating to know that there is something wrong with my phone and not know what the cause is or how this error occurs. i need to know. just like how you need to know how the shower works when your 4. the reason must be so simple. wether its fixable or not... ok now im just dribbling. sorry.
  • shannon
    I have the same problem..!my w300i keeps screen keeps going white what do i do?help
  • Kyle
    i have a w300i... and recently it had a white scrren. i mean when i on it, the screen would just flash on then off, then on and. it will keep on going non-stop. so i brought it for fixing and they said it was just a software problem. common with the sony ericsson phones. so he told me not to accept any software updates on my phone. so i followed. a few weeks later the same thing happened... while i was playing with it, it just shut down... i tried to on it, but the same problem as last time. but as far as im concern, i never updated any softwares on my phone...
  • Roger
    Add another Z520a to your pile of crap. If someone has an address for the SE executive suite, maybe I'll send them a complimentary Z520a lodged in horse dung!! Thanks for the blogging this.

    Frank, (reply#62) Thanks for the idea of "blind save" to the sim card. I'll have to try that.
  • sean
    I have a w300I and started getting the flashing white screen yesterday.. I'm sorry that the phone is a piece of crap but I'm glad This is a common problem
  • andy
    bought w300i of e-bay with cracked lcd,got new one for £20 fitted it and now the only thing that comes up is a white screen ,and no its not been in water any ideas welcome regards. andy
  • Buddy
    I have heard many stories about these cellphone moisture indicators during red even without being dipped in water or exposed to water in anyway. Seems that once that button turns red, the warranties are automatically void. There has got to be some thing consumers can do about this scam. Has anyone else had this problem? And does anyone want to do anything about it?
  • Ted
    my daughter's w810i has just got the WSOD. Mine is still working (but for how long???). In UK there is consumer protection against this - the law requires the device be "fit for purpose" and that includes a reasonable expectation of use. Whether insured or not, one can expect a mobile phone to last more than one year with reasonable care, and should he device fail prior to that, I suggest trading standards. If writing to SE, always use the phrase "not fit for purpose". I wonder if it is worth pursuing through the small claims courts. It is unacceptable that a company continue to sell a product knowing that there is such a high chance of failure in a matter of months. I still have a Philips Savvy (remember those?) in my desk draw, and guess what ... it still works.
  • FJdubs
    If you look back at my other post you will see what problems my phone was having. I tried the Wotan flash and it fixed it up perfectly. Only cost $10. Four days after reprogramming it; it messed up again! It's not as bad as it used to be though, since I can get it to turn on and work now & then. The Wotan debranded the phone & added some cool new features like better signal strength sort of, and a new feature for better FM reception.

    This was the most ideal phone to me with a fm tuner & 2 GB of music storage. It's a great thing for my car since I can enjoy all my music loud as I want & never miss a call. Also having calls over the car stereo is a great thing and this phone provided it cheaply. I wish I had gotten the insurance on this fragile thing!
  • Hieke
    For about 13 months now I have had the W300i. It's been my best phone ever and it worked perfectly. Until two days ago, when I got the WSOD as well. My warranty just expired three weeks ago and I'm afraid I won't be able to have my phone repaired. The Software Update doesn't work and now it won't even charge any more.

    It sucks, because I loved my phone, the walkman function is great! (Although the headset is crappy as well, since you can't put regular earplugs in it, is have to be SE's)
  • john
    i hane a sony ericson k510i and everytime i put on it the usb because i want some thing from my pc it makes promblems now i cant open it plz tell me what to do!
  • FJdubs
    I have the W300i and after 4 mos., I get the flashing white screen or solid white screen depending on it's mood. The water damage indicator has changed color so they won't honor my warranty. This thing is designed to fail quickly and in a way so that warranty is void. There's a unnecessary hole in the battery cover that the moisture indicator resides in. This makes it possible for an odd tiny drop of water to void the warranty. If the hole wasn't there in the cover then water won't get in the phone. It's such a scam. I bet being in above 80% relative humidity sets the indicator off or just breathing on it will, and yes, the moisture indicator is right by where you speak into the phone. I still want another one just because of the FM radio, but at least this time I'll know to put tape over unneeded holes since it's a trap!

    If anyone knows where to source replacement indicators please post up since these things are really easy to take apart and I'd like to scam them!
  • ron
    my k750i is the 2nd SE phone i've bought. before i had the K700. so ive been
    a fan for some time... but NOT ANYMORE

    my k750i is abt 1.5 years old now (past the warranty , of course...) and
    2 days ago the screen turned "whitish". everything had a white hue over,
    making it hard to read txt and see images. settings were normal/unchanged
    and i alredi set it to the lowest brightness setting. i brought it to the
    shop and they said it'll cost more to fix it than the phone is worth.

    i can still see the menu and everything seems to be functioning except the
    damn display. i bought the phone becos of the great camera and now im
    thinking of replacing it with a more sturdy nokia. this shitty experience
    is making me think SE phones are very fragile and unpredictable. maybe QA is
    non-existent in Sony Ericsson???

    oh and btw i didnt drop my phone, the display just turned to shit on its own!
  • mike
    I have to 300i and have the same problem. i contacted them several times about this. they asked me if a moisture indicator had turned red under a clip in the battery compartment, It was red the problem was this phone has never been in any liquids or around any. I asked them if they would look into this problem because of many other complaints, The supervisor said no there was nothing they were going to do. I asked him if he would send me a letter explaining why they wouldnt honor my warrenty, and that this indicator was 100% accurate, and that he knew of several other similar problems. He told me no that there was nothing he could do for me. This seems to be a product flaw that Sony doesnt want to deal with. If this wasnt a big problem there wouldnt be any such thing as White screen of Death.
  • Mladen
    i had white screen problem with my k750i,i tried everything,changing sim,battery,removing memory stick,updating with SEUS,with no sucess.
    when i thurn on phone screen was white and everything rest was working.
    then i open it,and clen flat cable and rest,when i put it together i turn it on and NOTHING,white screen again.After 10 minutes,i inserted another sim card turn it on and surprice!!!!se logo turn out!!!!
    i love my k750i.
  • john
    I bought my son a SE k610i four weeks ago. He set the alarm last night to wake up for an important soccer game this morning, switched his new phone off and went to sleep with the charger plugged in. This morning no alarm sounded and the phone was completely dead (as was my son for being late to the game). I did the procedure above i.e removed battery, sim card and memory stick for 5 minutes and then replaced the lot, it seems to have worked at the mo. But he'll never use the alarm function again!
  • rachelle
    please help me... my sony ericson k750i also had the same problem.. grrr.. the WSOD.. it really sucks..:(
  • jade
    waaaaaaaaaaa...SONY ERICSON SUCKS my w300i has the same problem,the thing thats really annoying is sony ericson doesnt even come up with the solution that can fix this bug problem of their mobile phones, Or they could just post it on their website the solution for this godthem problem. well they are just selfish i guess they only think for their profit what else...have conscience..people are loosing money just for this. huh!!!!
  • Colin
    I have had the K750 since November 2005, and it worked really well for about a year... The only problem I seemed to get was with the joystick which still to this day... i mean yesterday, was very tempremental and hardly ever responded (The problem got so severe at one point however I refused to even attempt to read/write messages). However I can still navigate most of the phone without it though it is a constant annoyance not being able to use it.

    Anyway this morning rolled around as it always seems to, and i'm pretty sure my screen was displaying the time when I first looked at it, but then as soon as I touched it it all went blank! Very annoying!!

    I've so far tried the firmware upgrade to no avail, and can't get to master reset as I can't see anything on the screen. If I do get it working I'll let everyone know how, until then I'm joining the ranks of the annoyed white screen victims

    Conversely, most of my friends have been through about a phone each in that time so maybe there is some built in obsolesence on the part of all manufacturors. (I do however have a seem to keep phones far longer than average)
  • Kelly J.
    I just had this happen to me. My phone just clicked out on me. I have the sony ericson w810i and my screen keeps going out and it will die in the middle of my conversation, when I'm able to get a call through. I tried removing the battery, and charging the phone but my #pad wont let me dial 1 nor will it scroll up, and I cant just hit calls I have to go to the menu to see who I called and hit the menu button to call. I"M SO FRUSTRATED!!! I don't know what the hell to do!!!
  • Sandeep
    Dear All

    I have a Sony Ericsson 810i and i have just got the Flashing White Screen of Death it seems. I used to be proud of my phone till now but looks like my phone has got the incurable disease as well... I bought it around 5 months back. I will be giving it back to the shop guys hopefully for a replacement!
  • asem
    I have a Z520i, I tried everything here. .. sony firmware update, Wotan flash, nothing worked :S . . Think I'll head to customer service first thing in the morning . .. throw the phone away, and buy a Nokia
  • joy
    I have a 8 month old k510i... it was working fine, everything was great, loved the phone... until recently... my phone started crashing, gets into the flashing white screen... and resets itself. THIS IS SO ANNOYING! It's happening way to often for my phone to be used normally... and occasionally the screen would just freeze and i will have the manually restart the phone by removing the battery. This sucks. But at least I know I'm not alone in this... shocking to see so many others with the same prob. Buck up SE.
  • Paul
    Same problem on W300i... just one more ... but makes alot we should all get refunded !!
  • Hari
    HI...my 810 i gone wsod.local service center lady called me and said its working , but when i went there returned the set and said "we cant do enything"(The moment i never forget,the same day was sleepless) The mistake was mine.. Trusted Ericsson when
    they started dealing with sony corp.Now i dont think i can return this paper weight alive.This is the second greatest mistake i have done after my marriage.(baught cute 810i)lets all sent the body of se to the chairman of the company.
  • iain
    Ive looked through this thread and its absolutely shocking that nearly 18 months on , SonyEricsson are still selling these defective phones . I used SonyEricsson phones for around 8 years until my first probelms with the white screen of death issue last year , but Im aware of people who have bought handsets recently that STILL suffer from it . It was enough for me to vow to never use their handsets again , Im not forking out £100 - £200 for a handset that could break down at any second rendering it useless
  • Dan R.
    After about 6 months I'm getting blinking WSOD on my W300i. I called SE to see about getting a repair/replacement. They had me check a little panel under the battery where the tab is to hold it in place. They asked what color it is and it turned out to be red. They claim that means the phone has been intruded by water, a corrosion process has begun (which, of course, voids the warranty) and there is nothing further they can (or are willing) to do about it. Crazy thing though... my phone has never really been exposed to water! I'm still fighting them on this because there's no way for me to know if this thing was red out of the box!

    One piece of advice I can give you after this... if you don't already have one DON'T GET A SONY ERICSSON. Horrible product and horrible customer service!
  • Frank
    OK guys, I had the WSOD the other day, but I tinkered with the phone enough. I'm not familiar with the other Sony Erricson models but I have the Z520a. I'd like to post a few pointers on the phone and what you can do to retrieve your SIM card info from it. As I said, I am not familiar with everyone else's phone but this is how I did it on my Z520a.

    Ok guys, I just want to give you all a few pointers on the WSOD (White Screen of Death). I'm not a cell phone repairman, but I am well versed in electronics. First off, I'd like to say that if you have already purchased a new phone here is how you can get the numbers off of your old phone and save it to your SIM Card.

    First: Insert whatever SIM card you would like your phone numbers to go to.

    Second: Power up the phone, close it and wait approx. 1 minute. (Just to ensure the phone boots up properly)

    Third: Open the phone and follow these keystrokes. By the way, for clarification let me explain what I call the keys. The upper left most key on the touchpad is what I call the "select" button. The circular touchpad with the "left, right, up, down and enter" keys I call respectively. The center button being the "enter" key.

    Ok, so here are the keystrokes to download the phone numbers saved to your piece of crap phone onto your SIM card.

    Open the phone
    Press Down five times
    Press select (the most upper left key on the pad)
    Press Down five more times
    Press Enter
    Press Enter
    Press Select

    Wait approx 1-2 min. Power the phone down, remove your SIM card and install it in your new phone. From here you can either download the SIM card numbers onto your phone's database using the respective keystrokes on your non piece of junk phone.

    Ok, next, just a bit of advice, there is typically a very small ribbon cable (I believe they are called flex cables on cell phones) that attach from the base (where you dial) into the headset (the pretty picture screen). If you have a small enough torx screwdriver or perhaps even a small enough jeweler's screw driver you may be able to remove the screws off the back of the phone (in the battery compartment) and inspect the ribbon cable. Almost any nick, fray, or other mark on the cable can cause the WSOD. You may be able to order a flex cable off of the internet and replace it. If the cable looks good you may want to slightly jiggle the connection to it and make sure it is nice, snug, and secure. Put the phone back together and see if it works. If not, on to the next step.

    I do not recommend this for someone who is not well versed with electronics or does not know how to properly solder. I will not be responsible for damages done to phones, this is merely a suggestion, try it at your own peril.

    If you have access to a decent magnifying glass and a decent soldering iron (if you don't know what a decent soldering iron looks like you may want to stop right here) you may want to inspect the solder joints on the circuit cards themselves. If you see burned marks (I doubt you will but don't rule it out) than you're probably not going to fix it. However, inspecting all of the solder joints closely (especially ones close to the ribbon cable) look for cracked solder. Often enough, these cell phones are built in mass production labs and the solder is barely applied. Use a small but appropriate amount of solder and apply it to the worst looking places. DO NOT HOLD IT THERE for too long. I'd recommend using solder paste and/or flux and afterwards brushing it off with an acid brush and some rubbing alcohol. Be sure to let it completely dry before reassembling the phone. If this still does not fix it, I hope you saved your phone numbers to the SIM card already :D Time to get a new phone and/or flex cable if you're really determined to fix it.
  • Vince Blade
    I just got the WSOD on my K750i. I did get my phone back up and running, but reading this site helped and I thought I would post what I did to get it up and running.
    The cause: I was on the phone talking when all of a sudden call dropped and the phone started to reboot. This started the WSOD with no excape. Removing the battery/SIM/Memory stick had no effect. No matter how long I removed the battery the phone would flicker WSOD and black constantly. Connecting to external power supply, with or without battery, and same problem.
    I downloaded and installed SEUS and went thru the procedure to flash my phone. SEUS even stated that I had the latest firmware already, but I told it to proceed with the update, this took abotu 5 min. Once it was done with the update I turned the phone and and BOOM, it worked! I just needed to put my SIM and Memory stick back in and I was up and running. I Love my phone but hate several trouble issues I have with it. First the Joystick seems to not work sometimes, then work other times. Second, It seems to fill up memory really easily when texting, so I have to weekly clear out all my text messages in order to receive or send any. Seems to me the SE needs to learn from previous mistakes and avoid them in new models (I hope!).
  • jondo
    you might also check out wotanserver.com

    I haven't tried it, but there is some interesting info there, and lots of people swear by it. Basically it removes the "branding" on your phone, and returns your phone to a generic state independent of your network provider. Apparently, a lot of problems come from the network provider changing the phone firmware. As with all things, use at your own risk.
  • Lissette
    My Z520i will sometimes turn off on its own. I just press the on button and it works again. I have had it since May 2006. It also has some dirt trapped inside of it. Everything else is ok
  • Anthony
    was searching google for help with this white screen of death and brought me here. I just got my k750i off ebay less than a week ago and I woke up one day and the phone was just white. Two days later after trying to turn it on it finally works again. I was hoping there was some firmware thing that could "patch" it or something, but after seeing all these comments, I wish I never bought the thing. My old phone has a cracked screen and drops a few calls, but I'd rather use it again than this one that will just not respond for two days at a time.
  • darckknight
    my w810i had the same problem and i had only had it 4 weeks!
  • Drareg
    To all those who experienced the White Screen of Death, I too have the same problem. Maybe this will help after doing all trouble shooting the last thing I've done with my SE K750i is removing the memory card then after that its all running smoothly again.
  • Mark Casey
    Just another vote of no confidence for SE. Two z520a phones (mine and my wife's) both gone WOD. It is rediculous and completely unacceptable that neither SE or the operator (AT&T) will address the problem which is an obvious design flaw deserving of a recall. Any good class action lawyers out there??
  • Kadri
    I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that's been having this problem with the flashing white screen! I've got a w200i and about 8pm last night, I pressed the circular button in the middle so that I could see the time and it just went to the white screen. Now this has happened to me on many occasions but before it alwasy just seemed to be temporarily 'jamming' and then everything has went back to normal... But not this time...

    I tried taking the battery out, taking the SD disc out etc, but it just kept doing that little vibrate thing when it started up and then nothing. All my pictures are on there. And my videos. I have no idea if I'll be able to recover them.

    I took it into a repair shop in town where he did a basic reformatting of it. It was fine for twenty minutes and the it went back to it's old tricks again! I went back to the same guy and he said it was gonna cost the region of £30 to fix it (and even then he said it might only last a few months) so I ended up just going to Woolies and buying a new bloody phone that is nowhere near as good, but is slightly more reliable.

    I tried taking it back into my Virgin store to claim on their warranty guarantee but the guy that specifically deals with the claims is off ill and the other staff just gave me a completely vacant stare that made me want to punch them. I don't have a landline so I really need a mobile ASAP which is why I couldn't wait (the guy's been off for at least three weeks though and I have no idea when he'll be back)

    I'm just really upset because it was a fantastic phone, had great storage space and I really liked it!
  • zARN
    The answer is simple...
    I ended up here because a friend has a z520 that went white screen.
    SE phones have always been over rated pants, buy a proper phone.. a HTC (spv/dopod/qtek)maybe.. ok maybe the cameras arnt as good (n the camerea's on SE's are pants compared to say a budget kodak) but at least you have a phone you can install software on and make it do what you want and not be stuck with SE's sucky software. There is a massive developers community, scorching free media player that plays oggs, mp3, divx mpeg1&2 at full frame rate, will run tomtom while playing mp3's. in the 5 years ive had a htc phone only one has given any problems camera went mental n that was because I dropped it and damaged the camera button)
  • Shrawage Vijay
    My K750i had developed White screen problem.(Refer my post dated 13 Aug 07).I have taken following action which presumably solved the problem.This might be usefull to my colleagues who have similar problem.
    First I did Master Reset,then I opened the phone completely. After removing LCD screen, I cleaned flat cable contacts at both ends and replaced LCD.
    Then I updated firmware again.
    Now my mobile is working fine for the last 10 days (atleast).
    Vijay R Shrawage
  • gordon wark
    i just got a w300i and only havin it for a month i got the same problems with the white sreen and not turnin on. i also have the k750i and had so for over a year and never had the same problem. so what do i do???
  • drkmarine
    I've had my z520 for one and a half years and it decides to bug out on me this week. I found it odd that the firmware would crash this late into the usage. The phone still works (able to receive calls, make calls, even go to menus) but nothing shows up on the external or internal screen so it is nearly impossible to navigate to any of its features, much less make a call. I, like others, have been struck by the white screen. I've experienced several software crashes with the T610 and Z520 but none as bad as this. So far I've only bought SonyEricsson phones because I was impressed with their software and hardware quality. Guess its time to move on.
  • Diablotin
    Hi there,

    I posted on this site beginning of the year (post n°20) and asked to be informed about any new posts on this blog. 27 posts later all I can notice is that nobody has found a solution to this irritating problem (mine got replaced and this then no problems, keeping my fingers crossed permanently...).

    I guess the only solution is in post n°1, we should get our forces together and try to file a massive lawsuit or something similar against Sony Ericsson. Visibly it's not only the K750i that has this problem, more recent phones seem to have this white screen issue as well and I find this really unacceptable from a company like SE.
  • Shrawage Vijay
    I purchased k750i about one year back in Mumbai India. Since last week it has developed similar white screen problem. I updated firmware, also replaced memory card (suspected virus!)even tried with another sim card. But phone does not leave white screen.
    Can someone tell how costly it would be to replace the LCD screen & whether it would solve problem?
    Please help!
    Shrawage Vijay
  • Pho Daggers
    Got my W300i about 2 months ago and today it sudden WSOD on me. I'm soo pissed off i just wanna through it in the bin. I tried the firmware and all but still not working. Im so frustrated please someone fix it !
  • Jason
    Again, I have a K750i and today it started to flash a white screen every couple of seconds all of the time. Have managed to "fix it" (ie. get phone function back) by plugging it into the adapter, then removing the memory card, then removing the adapter, then greeted with the login screen. It starts to flash the white screen again if I reinsert the memory card. Suspect that this phone is also on its way to the scrap heap but hope this may help someone.
  • Lionizer
    As of this morning have WSOD on my SE W810i and nothing I do seem to make it go away (so cant even try the "note fix"). Phone is less than a year old and have had "childhood diseases" ever since I got it. Randomly crashing, refusing to turn on etc. Printing this website and going to the store to get my money back. Was always happy with the many different Nokia models I had.
  • Anthony
    Just got one from ebay today,

    yeap, same problem...
  • lindsey
    Ive got the same problem, it blows
  • Simon
    I have the same problem with my K750i. The colours turned yellow (instead of red) and the text was back to front. I switched the phone off and back on and was greeted with the white screen. I have tried flashing it with no success, still the white screen.

    Mine is a UK phone.

    I find it annoying the Sony Ericsson do not acknowledge this problem, I have read reports of them refusing to repair phones with this problem.
  • same thing happpened to my phone but dont know what 2 do
  • Peter
    The same Problem! Damn White screen of "death" starting came after 1-2 m months i bought it.I start getting games for it from gameloft and it just started to white screeining and sucking,no reboot helped if you have any solution please mail me at frozen_tauren@hotmai.com
    Thank You
  • Sophie
    I was just wondering does anyone know how to take the network name of the main screen of the phone?
  • Mikey Edgar

  • capperdog
    Same white screen of death on my k750i. worked for a while by removing memory stick but now nothing seems to get the screen back. Expensive junk, how can Sony and their outlets ignore this?
  • ohnychic
    Same problem with w300i; just got it used 3 days ago; screen freezes & goes blank for long periods of time; i open & close a few times & it's cool; ugghhh!
  • W300i
    Found this site by Google. My three month old W300i has just given up. Won't charge, won't come on, nothing. To top it all I can't even get the back off. It's locked tight. Is is a co-incidence that this phone is heavily discounted and out of stock on most sites?
  • Gaurav Bagga
    Buying Sony Ericson K750I, BIGGEST MISTAKE
    I just read this post and to be honest i was very happy to see u all having same problem. I had this white flashy screen fault repaired 3 times but it's still bugging me up.
    So sorry for all of us who bought this shit Sony Ericson

    Take care & watch sony's next mobile product.
  • Phil Grayson
    My k750i just WSODed on me. All I did was pick it up to check the time :| I tired numerous times at trying to use the SEUS to replace the firmware (I couldnt get past the stage where im supposed to hold C and connect the phone up the the USB)
    Lucky for me some vision did come back. It was mostly still white but the whole display was inverted, so all the text was backwards and unreadable and also the colours were inverted (so red was cyan). I turned the phone back on and the display was fine again...

    Very random
    i faced that same SE K750i white screen problem on june 17, 2007. After going through to find solution on web i went to SE Website and downloaded the update software. Now I fear I shoudl update software or claim warranty from Vendor.
  • Leslie
    Thank god Im not the only one with this problem. I just got my sony ericsson W810i 2 months ago, so whats the solution?
  • geoff
    I get a white screen with my k750i! it doesnt flash, it just goes white (the objects on the sceen now either hidden behind the whitness, or very faint). This prob usually happens when the screen is left to turn off (when the phone is left to save battery power). when a button is pressed, instead of all the menus appearing on the screen, a white screen appears (the phone still works, but objects on the screen are hidden in the whitness!). This is sorted out with a reset, but then the problem persists straight after the phone is turned on again (its ok until left, then goes white!). not sure if its the same as the white screen of death, but its auful!
  • FA
    When I first got a w300i, I loved everything about it until one day the white screen s*** started happening. Initially, all I had to do was remove the battery, wait and put it back in and it would work. Then it stopped working completely. I've had the problem fixed twice by the local agent(under warranty) but doesn't last more than 2 months. My phone was bought in the Middle-East, which means this is happens with ALL Sony Ericson models in ALL regions! In any case, it was the best birhday present ever(from big bro) so I'm never getting rid of it.
  • Holly
    The following is a letter I sent to Sony-Ericsson regarding the new Z520A Cell phone. I sent it to everyone I could find and the only response has basically been : "Too bad for you"... Doesn't even seem like it was read. Boy I wish I could get a decision maker's email. Here it is:

    I have had a Z520a for about 2 months now. I like the product but I am having a major problem with a specific customer service policy.

    The phone, which was on a table, vibrated off and fell to the floor. The clear protective plastic over the inset external screen cracked. I would not consider this extraordinary damage, it is "wear and tear" but I will not speaking to this point herein.

    I called Sony-Ericsson customer service, looking to find a replacement piece of this $.002 piece of plastic. Three people in customer service told me that I would have to send my phone in for a repair as per the policy. The original piece was glued on and took only a paper clip to pop off so I think I can handle the "repair" myself. Sony-Ericsson may want to
    re-evaluate this policy. Asking a person to be without their only phone for several days (weeks) so that Sony-Ericcson can bend them over for a $100 "paper clip and Elmer's glue repair" is absolutely asinine.

    A person in customer service told me that they did not have the piece. Understood, I was probably speaking to a call center. I suggested that maybe someone could call the manufacturing/repair facility and have a piece
    sent to me. "I'm sorry", I was told, "we can't do that". Could it be because the repair facility's phones have been sent off somewhere for "repair"....?

    This crack on the screen of my phone is very noticeable. I have taken delight in telling this story to all who see it. I also let them know that Motorola has a phone that is almost identical. I'd even pay 100% more to not have to deal with policies that effectively say: "Screw the customer,
    they are just walking dollar signs." Guess what, maybe we are, but they key word is "walking"... as in *away*.

    This piece broke very easily and I suspect it wont be long before you have a whole slew of angry consumers sharing their story too.
  • Donerazer
    I have the same problem, white screen of death. Phone still works, just can't see anything. It's been in with the local repairer for about a week and he can't fix it. Tried new screens, batteries, connections etc. Looks like I have another paper weight, an expensive paper weight.
  • Lukianox
    I have the same problem as Oleksander... the thing is that when i tried the SEUS update i've alredy had the last firmware so i can't update... any ideas? help plz... my phone is a rock T_T


    Excuse my english i speak spanish
  • linn
    I got the white screen of death on my Z520i this afternoon while playing with the camera. This was what happened.

    1. was taking self-portraits, opened the phone after taking a pic, white screen. external screen was still fine.
    2. shut down the phone and restarted it. internal screen white, external screen blank too.
    3. the phone in general is still fine, just the screen causing problems.
    4. shut the phone for a few hours, and restarted it a while ago. still white screen.

    i guess it's time i got a new phone. this phone has caused me quite a number of problems in the 10+ months i've used it, like "insert SIM" and stuff.

  • Oleksandr
    Happened to my K750. Can't describe the frustration, just thinking how much it costed to my Mom who saved for a while to give it to me as a gift.

    The phone itself had already had lockdown episodes before. For me, it happened randomly when turning on/off Bluetooth to connect my handsfree. Sorry but I can't describe the exact steps to how it would get frozen. But check this out, it would just freeze, not go white screen.

    Anyway, one day I got an important call and grabbed my bluetooth handsfree to answer it, I turned it on and the phone got stuck while connecting to it, but seeing I'd miss the call I freaked and rushed without much thought and carelessly to reset it.

    As I did every other time, I removed the battery, 'cept this time, whithin a fraction of a second, just as I was swapping it off I watched it come back to normal, but it was too late! I had already slipped the battery!

    So when I put it back, WHAM, White screen of death. Tried replacing the battery again and again, but it wouldn't turn on. Just presented a white screen then go off, if I wanted to press the "On" button again without swapping the battery, it wouldn't do a thing (unless of course I swapped the battery again).

    I read as much as I could in Google, and learned that for some people, if you try to "flash" it with either the official Sony Ericsson update service or the so called Wotan, it'd break out of its comma somehow.

    So I tried it myself and IT WORKED! Can't describe the feeling of relief. So here's exactly what I did (which just happened 2 minutes ago), step by step.

    1) If I tried to turn the phone on, it wouldn't, rather, go white, then off. If I tried then to press "On" button again, it wouldn't do anything.

    2) If I then removed the battery, waited some 15 seconds, reinsert it, and press "On" again, it would do the same white screen, and become unresponsive to the "On" button again unless I repeated the battery swap.

    3) I removed the SIM and memory stick. Still the same.

    4) Then I plugged the phone, with battery in it, to the wall charger, it didn't do anything at all, except, a RED light turned on from whithin which you could appreciate at the filter plastic on top of the phone, precisely where the infrared is located. Knowing some basic electronics myself (and having burned so many leds by both, accident and fun), it scared me to death, because for a moment I thought something was wrong with the circuitry that made the IR LED filament burn!

    5) I unplugged it real quick hoping nothing bad had happened. Then, battery inside, I tried to turn it on, but this time, not even the white screen would show! I really suffered thinking I had fried my phone.

    6) Then, I removed the battery, and connected it as it was to the wall charger (without the battery). And there was the white screen, except this time it would blink constantly (every 5 seconds or so). PHEW! well at least it's alive!

    7) Then I finally decided to try the flashing. I was reluctant thinking that since the phone itself being how it was, wouldn't even flash.

    8) Downloaded SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) and installed it.

    9) Followed the instructions to where it says press and hold "C" and plug your phone.

    10) As I did, the USB "plugin" ding sounded, then Windows presented me with the usual driver install dialog (not windows certified blah blah) and I clicked install anyway.

    11) Then SEUS stopped there, didn't do a thing (kinda froze). But the fact that I heard the USB ding was good news since my phone was alive and reporting itself properly to the USB bus.

    12) "Maybe it's because the driver hadn't been installed before" I thought, so I closed SEUS, ran it again, and plugged my phone.

    13) Voila, it was recognized by SEUS and then it went to "Identifying" and then chose the update for my phone "Americas 2", I clicked start and it started uploading the firmware to my phone.

    14) it went from 1% to 99%, but it took a long time, and I was fearing that if at some point it stopped for any reason, then my phone would really be dead, nothing worse than a bad flash. By the way, I also remembered that the battery was at a quarter of its capacity at best when I did this, and SEUS well warned me about it having to be 100%, but hey, it wouldn't even charge if I plugged it to the wall, nothing else I could do.

    15) My fears almost came true because when it got to 99% it spent somewhere around 10 minutes there. I was preparing for the worse, thinking the update froze and failed.

    16) Then I went to the restroom and when I came back, SEUS was already again at the welcome screen, if there was any message of whether it succeeded or not, I missed it.

    17) I unplugged my phone from the USB cable, made a small prayer, and turned it on.

    18).....but it wouldn't, not even the white screen :(

    19) Then I don't remember what made me think of plugging it into the wall charger again, maybe I thought that by plugging it, even though it wouldn't give any sign that it was charging (you know it does display "Charging" even if it's off, under normal conditions), it would simply suck some energy, then I'd try again.

    20) but it was still unresponsive :( At that point I did think that my phone was done for and thought of how would I explain it to my Mom.

    21) So I just unplugged it from the charger, maybe ready to put it away, but when I did, I heard "Ding!" and saw my operator's animated logo dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22) Then I thought, okay, then if it did suck a little charge there, and I just saw the operator logo, if I turn it on...........YES!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! It works again!

    23) So right now I'm just charging it as normal. I turned it off just to be safe and put it to charge (battery indicator showed empty). Right now I'm just waiting for it to totally charge to turn it on again and see if the firmware update also blew all my data, but you know what? I don't really care! I'm just happy that my K750 is working again!

    So there, that's exactly what I did. I wish I could come up with some "sound" or reasonable conclusion, but this all really beats me. It's really LAME from SonyEricsson that a $400 hi-tech gadget can become a paperweight overnight, without reason. I'll make some wild guess here, maybe my battery was so low all along that that's why it wouldn't recover, but seriously who knows. Also, I didn't even have to use the Wotan, which to be honest, I don't quite trust.

    That's my story, hope it works out for someone else, I can't remember the last time I was so sad and frustrated like this, stupid white screen :(.
  • ilbasso

    may be I found a solution for Z520i.
    After 1 month of normal use, started famous "white screen of death"... I was going to throw it away when my girlfriend found the solution!! I dont' know if it works only on my phone, but WSOD desappeared since january... you can try...and let me know if it works!

    You have to set a "note" in the way the mobile show you it in the main screen...you can write a nice message or what ever you want...

    follow these simple passages:
    MENU --> Organizer --> Notes --> New note --> show in stand by

    bye bye

    Spanish version: (perdonais mi espanol :-P )

    Hola! creo que he encuentrado una soluccion para el problema del White screen of death (pantalla blanca). Conmigo esta funcionando hace un mes.
    Podeis decirme si es soluccion para todos los modellos o solo para el Z520i (mi movil)... o si he tenido simplemente suerte ?

    Yo he solucionado el problema asi:

    MENU --> Organizador --> Notas --> Nueva Nota --> Mostrar en espera

    En "nueva nota" he escrito algo simpatico...que veo cada vez que abro el movil...podeis escribir lo que querais...y tiene que estar siempre alli

  • Not Alone
    I bought my w810i 3 months ago. I bet you all know what happend two days ago! For those who don't know - my phone turned off because of low battery. I have recharged it and after a try to turn it on suddenly WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH appeared.
    Now I'll try to get replacement for my death phone. But I'm afraid that this thing will happen again. I think only thing we can do now to prevet WSOD is get another brand.
    For those whose SE phone is alive try not to power the phone on and off repeatedly. Maybe this is one of the reasons for WSOD.
  • Diablotin
    Bought mine in august 2005, worked like a swiss watch until november 2006, and then all of a sudden, white screen, for no particular reason (no shock, no softawre upgrade, not even connected to my PC...). It began slowly and just got worst as time went by. Tried just about everything (with a LOT of patience) to get it going again (software upgrade etc) but nothing worked, and the white screen finally became permanent.
    Went back to the shop where I bought it, spoke very politely to the aftersales person, who told me that other customers where starting to show up with the same problem. After a little discussion, he agreed to write on the aftersales document that a software upgrade wouldn't do the trick. 2 weeks later, received a brand new one, and for the moment, works perfectly.

    What I don't understand is why SE, who must be aware of the problem at the moment, don't even mention it on their site, and why they don't provide a software update to fix this problem once and for all. It's really bad publicity!
    Advice for people who are starting to have this issue : make a backup of your phone ASAP with a great little program called MyPhoneExplorer. Works great and very easy to use. If your phone goes in for repairs, it's very easy to restore everything once the work is done! Good luck!
  • Junior
    I have the same flashing white screen problem with my SE W810i. Except for a few minor drawbacks it's a good phone and i like the UI... what i'd like to know is if there's any permanent fix for this software problem. Also does fixing it mean losing all my phone numbers and other stuff i have saved on the phone's memory???
  • Al
    Had my W810i for 3 months, got the WSOD for the first time 2 days ago. Seemed like just a blip and the phone re-booted itself and was working fine. That was until this morning when the White Screen Of Death returned, this time it didnt go away. I shall be returning the phone to my service provider (T-Mobile) within the next few days. I cant believe SE sell phones they know are faulted. Disgusted, Newcastle.
  • mark
    My 750i is 3 months old and white screen of death has descended upon me after exactly the same thing happened on my previous phone. Sony ain't none too helpful either. What a waste of money, what a nightmare trying to resolve it and what a loss of data...twice over! I'm sending it off for repair but this'll be the last time I buy an SE product...ever!
  • Christopher Artanis
    I got nothing to say, my phone is going into the trashcan in about 5 minutes...
  • Furryanimal
    Like everyone before me I googled Z520i white screen and came here. I'm amazed at the number of models this affects, seemingly the whole product portfolio is crap. I'd thought before reading this that there was hope in getting the firmware flashed but now I'm pretty sure I'd be wasting my time.
  • Petras Kimbrys
    Well apparently mine is the very same pieco of junk, with the annoying white flashing screen, though I've only had it for 4 weeks... Nothing that I can do to make it wake up, probably will be heading to the technical support tomorrow. However, it seems that these repairs help for just a week or so, thus I will switch to another brand... That's what you get for poor quality phones, SE....
  • Matt
    Same thing happened to me...I got my SE w300i 2 months ago and after a great time I had with this phone, one evening the menu started to act strange. I could not get to lower or higher level of menu, so I took out the battery and restarted the phone. The SE logo appeard and would freeze there forever but I lost my patience and restarted it again...then 5 times again and after that even the logo was gone, just white flashing screen. I don't know how many times I tried to restart it again and again, the screen appears even when I plug in the charger with phone turned off. I am very sad about this because I've been using SE phones for several years and I never had better phones. I just like the style of their menus, the control...it's like an operating system indeed. If someone asked me what is the best invention in the area of mobile phones, I'd say it's the context menu, which acts like the right button of mouse in WIN, which started with Ericsson T65. I don't think SE phones are crap, some people just screw up the firmware, as our "lovely" mobile provider ORANGE did to me. I would flash the phone myself, but I'm afraid that if I fail, the aftergoing repair won't be under warranty, which is for sure...
  • Z1metrix iv had the same promblem i got my w300i last week on contract and it goin to the white screen and not booting up and if it does its freezes, what i got told to do, which you maybe able to do is either send it back to sony ericsson and ull get a replace ment or back to ur network provider.thats the adive i got told because there has already been a few cases with the w300i and they put it down to the software. hope that helps
  • Z1metrix
    My w300i have similiar problems as described here. My phone was just almost 2 months when this famious white screen of death happened. I dont know what the problem is like everybody else, i was usin this phone at basic stage, i didnt upgraded anythin.
    This is so annoyin when i/we paid so much for this crap. Well its crap when you cant use it. Like crap has no purpose so is this phone.
    I agree that this is my worst experience with mobil phones ever. I remember back in early 1999 when i got my first Ericsson T19 it was wonderful days...
  • Lukey
    Hi Guys,
    I have the same problem with my Sony Ericsson Z520i. The white screen of death came up for the first time last night and no amount of reboots seem to help. What junk! I'll be going back buying Nokias for sure.
  • Shilo,

    Finding it "amusing" is probably not helping to get people treat you any better when they call. You please keep in mind that we (as customers) have no one else to talk to ...and you cannot expect unsatisfied customers to keep their frustration to them themselves. (Imagine they are facing a few weeks without a phone and might have just lost important information) But as a matter of fact I don't think people really blaim you (the agents) for the quality of the product. So you should not take this personal but just pass on the bad energy to your manager - who should then report to his.. and so on. Actually it might help to have the contact address for the complaint department handy and provide that pro-actively. Anyway - that's for your comment. Appreciated. Finally we know first hand that this phone is crap. Too bad it got so many good reviews in the first place.
  • This is amusing to me.

    I work for Sony Ericsson. I am the person that shows no compassion when you call. Guys, please understand that as an agent, we DON'T have the ability to just send you a new phone, or upgrade your phone, or anything like that. All we do is take your information and set up repairs. Our supervisors, and our supervisors supervisors don't have the ability either. It's up to the repair facility whether they send you a new one or not, and they will only do that if it is beyond economical repair. We just sit in a giant room with a bunch of other people and answer the phone all day, that's about it.

    Our phones DO suck, to be honest. White screening is the biggest issue we have. But don't hold is against us agents because we're getting paid minumum wage to get screamed at by people who are rightfully angry. Keep in mind when you call that we just answer the phones, we didn't make the phones suck... Thank the engineers for that. Sony Ericsson pays our bills. Don't make it any hard that it has to be. I'm sure this goes for all technical support.

  • Kaleb
    I Have the same problem!!!!! HELP I Cant get the fimware junk to work!!!!
  • Jegatheesh
    Hi all, I was just searching "K50i Flash White Screen" on Google and directed to this page. I had the similar problem. Usually I set alarm at 5.30 AM and one morning no alarm from my 750i[it was only 4 week old]. When I woke up at 7.30 in the morning, I was just seaching my phone. It just flashed a white screen. I tried to switch off the phone and on. Same white flashes. After that I removed the sim card, memory stick and battery, waited for 5 min. I fixed everything. Eventhough my phone works perfectly now, I just want to know what causes the phone to behave like that. If anybody has any clue pls send your feedback to the following mail id.

    Thanks in advance
  • I like this phone and use it for nearly everything, music, alarm, calendar, reminders and stuff, but I think there are a few problems with it that can be made better.
  • Paul Schnell
    I worked in the I.T industry for 12 years and I've rarely come across anything as unsatisfactory as this phone.

    It is quite simple a piece of crap. I've had the firmware upgrade which does nothing. It crashes to white screen constantly and sound is intermittent.

    I emailed Sony and complained, detailing all of the issues and even after the firmware upgrade they told me to send it back.

    My previous job was at BenQ as the snr product manager. We would never have released a product as buggy as this phone!!

  • Simmo
    Ericsson sucks

    Yeah, I've been going through the same stuff with my 4 week old K750i, cept there are a few tell tale signs that indicate that the phone is about to die.
    1. When someone calls you there is no ringtone. Silent, nothing. miss the call.
    2. If you want to play music. Nothing. "cannot play sound"
    3. Menus act funny. Missing highlights.
    4. Games take longer to load.
    5. Phone crashes with flickery white screen.

    Work pays for my phone, and there are 3 (out of 4) others who have reported similar problems with this phone.

    I'm currently (and the others) only at the replace battery stage, but then I thought "why not patch it?" so i download the crapping upgrader, and follow the instructions. Nothing. Gave it a few days and try again, this time it starts to download and it is still saying "updating software, don't touch the phone" after 5 hours! if this fixes the problems, i'll be a happy camper and not destroy them in a legal battle, or throw rocks at their reps...

  • Ray Lawal
    Hi there guys,

    As much as I am sad for you both, I must admit I am happy to know I am not the only one. Whilst I have had my k750 for almost a year, i am proud to say that it has worked fairly well (apart from the middle button) until 4 days ago when it completely turned off and is giving me the 'flashed white screen' attitude. I havent tried a firmware update because how is this possible when the phone will not turn on?

    Anyway, I am up for this approach. How did they organise it for the I-Pod?

    Ray Lawal
  • Chris Ramsden
    Hello Torsten.

    I came across your post whilst 'Googling' for Sony Ericsson K750i problems.

    I, too, have the misfortune to have bought a 750i. Mine was six weeks old when, without warning, I had a flashing blank screen followed by nothing at all. Sony Ericsson gave it a firmware(whatever that is) 'fix' and the phone lasted three days before I experienced the exact same problem.

    Despite my demand for a replacement phone or a refund, it goes in again to Sony Ericsson tomorrow for another technical opinion.

    I have since learned from a relative in Belgium who has had many Sony Ericssons that he also has a 750i......and exactly the same problem......and exactly the same attitude from Sony Ericsson.

    There IS clearly a SERIOUS problem that they are not prepared to admit to, nor do the right thing by replacing these defective phones. In my opinion, they will continue to disregard individual complaints.

    The purpose of my writing is to ask whether you, or any other people who you know are experiencing the same problem, would be prepared to join a more forceful, collective approach directly to Sony Ericsson to seek the proper remedy.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Chris Ramsden
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