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The perfect phone

Who is not on the never ending quest for the perfect mobile phone!? Within the last year I had three different mobiles. Lost my Siemens S55 then picked the Sony Ericsson K700i. Did not like it and after a week exchanged for the Nokia 6230.
Now half a year later I am looking for something else. The Nokia does the job. The OS is snappy and especially the hardware is pretty ok. But I really don’t understand the hype about the Nokia user interface. IMHO the menu structure is crap. It’s probably only that a lot of people got used to it. Anyway! ..this is not meant to be a bile blog (I hate those!) so …I am again(!) looking into getting a new mobile phone. One that properly synchs with iSync. I thought the new iSync was meant to support the Nokia 6230 …but looks like it is not. So far the candidates are:

  • Motorola Razor v3
  • Sony Ericsson K750i

Would be great to hear some opinions…

  • ben
    what about the n91 - when it comes out
  • I recently heard an opinion of the V3 from someone working for a large mobile network operator. Their impression: great-looking phone, absolutely useless. YMMV!
  • Yes ...from what I've read getting it to works seems to be no big deal. So I count this already as supported ;) Of course it would be better to have it on the official list.
  • Me is also looking into getting the K750i though it obviously doesn't work with iSync yet: http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/isync/devices.html

    OTOH, some posts on the Apple lists give the impression that it'll be in the 10.4.2 update and there are also some hacks out in the wild... see Google :)
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