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Off to ApacheCon 2008 EU

I am currently on the train to get there and are really looking forward to it. This year I am going on my own time and expense. This should give the time for sessions, socializing and fun I (and all the other folks from Joost) probably didn’t have last year. It was right after we were going public and had to work hard to keep up with the amount of users.

So what am I looking forward to this time?

  • Meeting some old friends and making some new (this might also involve some beers)
  • The BarCamp event on Monday night
  • Hoping to get someone from the Ivy community help me with the minijar integration
  • Talking about the simplified version of Cocoon called “Corona” that just arrived in the Cocoon sandbox
  • Meeting some of the hadoop people IRL and hopefully have some good discussions
  • Catch up with Robert on the mail 2.0 ideas
  • Checking out the news around projects that I am not involved in but get me interested

Hope to see you there!

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