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ApacheCon recap

As usual last week in Amsterdam was great. Meeting old friends, making new ones. A few faces have been missed though. But attendance was good and I’ve see many rooms quite packed. WiFi sucked as usual. But well …shouldn’t you listen and meet people? For me the most interesting part surely was to get together with the hadoop team. It was really interesting to hear how others are using hadoop and then compare it to how we are using it at joost. It’s always re-assuring when you realize completely different people came to the same conclusions …or have the same problems. Same goes with the Mail 2.0 discussion that I had with Robert. Unfortunately I didn’t catch any of the Ivy guys. So still no Ivy support for minijar.

For those who couldn’t make it. You can find a bunch of slides on slideshare. Unfortunately I did only take very few pictures this time. The few ones are (as usual) on flickr. The Linux Magazin did even record sessions that are available on their website. Not free as in beer though. I wish I could at least watch the keynote that missed because I had to leave early …to catch a train that was canceled and then… but let’s not go there. Let’s just put it that way: the trip back could have been (much) better.

  • Mark
    Nice post and good presentation.
  • TheGuru
    Shame you missed the IVY guys, their dependancy tool is just so flexible and great. We had a little frenchman introduce it into our projects before they moved house to Apache and what a positive difference it made to our 3 tier SOA model comprised of about 35 EAR files (we are talking a lot of external, internal and generated dependancies that needed to be managed and IVY was up to the task).

    If you do see the IVY dudes please pass on my appreciation of their work.
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