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ApacheCon US 2008 recap

steamboatThis year’s ApacheCon US was quite amazing – in several ways.

From the city point of view I am quite thankful that it gave me the opportunity to experience New Orleans – a little bit of the South. I wish I had seen more. Surprisingly the French Quarter just didn’t feel like the US at all. Overall I think it was also the best food I ever had during any of the ApacheCons. (Only counting dinners of course.) It was also very cool to experience the presidential elections – and how relieved people were about the results. Over the past years the socializing part of ApacheCon has become much more important to me. But this year I also didn’t want to miss some of the talks. Especially Theo Schlossnagle’s talk about DTrace was just awesome. (I did know DTrace is cool – but this session blew me away). The video is supposed to be available soon. The after hour activities were a bit less for me this time. I had quite some problems with jetlag – more than ever before. What a bad timing! At least I wasn’t alone with this. My presentation was at the very last slot and still some people showed up. Even more than expected. (The slides are available now on slideshare.)

Unfortunately I didn’t take as much pictures as hoped. But the few are available in my ApacheCon US set on flickr.

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