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Firefox vs Safari vs Camino

I don’t know what they did to Firefox …but at least for me it got terrible slow over time. I am wondering whether this has to do with the new versions or a screwed up profile. Anyway I switched to Safari quite a while ago and am pretty happy with it. Unfortunately there are some websites that just don’t work with Safari. So I’ve always keep Firefox as a backup. Lately I also gave Camino a try. It’s supposed to be the same rendering engine as Firefox …not too bad.

  • Doc Rock
    I agree with both mike and dennis...safari seems to crash on me especially on some blogs...I noticed I had camino, which I'd overlooked, and since I also use (and am happy with) OSX 10.3.9, there are no more updates for safari... Camino is quick! I'd say it's kinda like the mac version of 'off by one', except a lot more sophisticated... I run both safari and camino at the same time so if a site crashes my downloads don't suffer..plus Camino renders them properly.
    I'm stickin with it....
  • Mike
    So I've been an avid Firefox and safari fan but they both gave me serious problems. Safari was great, its speed unbeatable but it has trouble loading many pages "properly". While Firefox takes a little extra time but has great plugins to use and loads most pages correctly. The only problem is that on my Powerbook Firefox crashes and sucks up memory insanely. Alittle over a year ago I made the move over to Camino and its now my primary browser on mac. For the most part I find that it 's slightly more compatible with most websites and loads fast compared to firefox.

    I recommend the switch over to Camino in a heartbeat.
  • The time you spend working around the fact that you are running an old operating system is also worth money. Not upgrading to (at least) 10.4 does not really make much sense to me. Also not economically. Especially as it will become harder and harder for you to find software that will still support 10.3. So either stick with all your old applications or upgrade. Nothing in between.
  • Dennis Ruter
    I have a Power Mac G5 with Mac OS X 10.3.9. I've had most luck with Camino because they always release an updated version of their browser to accommodate us who like to keep up to date without buying extra software. I've tried other browsers that just won't work for one reason or another. My computer's too old or too slow or my software is outdated. I find that if I keep up to date on what software is available and keep my computer current I get along just fine. But I need a little help now trying to trying to find the latest browser of each of a Camino, a Firefox, or a Safari available for a Mac OS X 10.3.9. I can't find that info advertised anywhere so I would appreciate any response. All of my current needs are met by my Camino 1.5.2 (tailored to my computer and there when I need it) or my Firefox (late out of the starting gate but has more bells and whistles when it arrives) or my Safari 1.3.2 that is old but the latest Apple version that I can use without extensively updating my computer that I just bought. But none of these browsers will accommodate sending Adobe Reader pdf's over the e-mail. I just get a pop-up that says, "The SendMail doesn't know how to talk to your preferred mail client. Please select a different mail application to use." I don't know what to do with this.
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