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Including with Time Machine

A while ago I’ve filed a radar because I am not backing up my whole system through Time Machine but just my home folder. Right now that means you have to manually exclude quite a list of folders. Today the issue got rejected because “the idea of Time Machine is too back up everything”. I have nothing against feature creep – but this is ridiculous. If you agree with me here please also file a report.

There is no way to specify what to backup as an “Include” expression. I only want to backup my home folder through Time Machine. Now I have exclude all the folders manually and leave only my home folder to be included.

Steps to Reproduce:
Go to the Time Machine preferences. Click on “Options”. You can only select folders to include.

Expected Results:
Have a selection box below to “include” / “exclude” the folders above. Wildcards -not just folders- would actually be nice as well.

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