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Release of jdeb 0.2 available

Earlier this year I announced in “Building Debian packages in java” a new project called jdeb to build debian packages from java. The new version is available now.

Jdeb allows you to build debian packages cross platforms. This release includes the following new features:

  • Support include/exclude filter for the different data sources (directory or tgz archive).
  • Support for file attribute mappings. Be it a simple rename, adding or removing prefixes or even getting the mode and ownership from a text file.
  • Support to generate (even signed!) debian changes files.
  • Abstracted the processing so adding a maven implementation will be easy.
  • Fixed a bug where temporary files did not get deleted.

I suggest to just have a quick look into the howto for more details. Although the syntax has changed a little this release is a drop in replacement for 0.1. Feedback is much welcome!

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