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Movies on Joost

Finding the good content on joost is sometimes still a bit challenging. If you are located in Germany you might want to have a look at this list of movies that are now available from Paramount Pictures. Old classics like Star Trek, “Once Upon a Time in the West”, an Eddy Murphy or Stephen King’s “Pet Cemetery”. Not bad – but let’s hope for some more …preferably not geo restricted.

  • Doug Cutting
    No Sergio Leone there in the US.
  • Hi Anton. At joost you don't pay for the movies. You'll get some adverts, but much less than in ordinary TV. You can watch as often as you want. Data is getting streamed to your computer. There is also some caching involved. But these are technical details you should not have to worry about. Checkout joost.com for more details.
  • Anton Tagunov
    Torsten, sorry for innocence - how does it work?
    Do we have to pay for films?
    Do the films remain downloaded or is this a one-time show?
    If thery are downloaded, is there any drm involved?

    sorry for asking in a wrong place..
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