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TVP is now called Joost!

joostEver wondered why the Venice Project web site has been so plain and simple? It’s because the brand was not yet ready to be revealed. But since this morning we switched from the code name “The Venice Project” to our real name. Welcome to the next generation of TV ….it’s been called “Joost”.

Update: Please! I am happy do invite some people but just “invite me!” I consider as impolite spam. Also: For an invite you need to provide first and last name.

  • J. Monteau
    Hi Torsten,
    I wrote to you several month ago, but had no luck to get an invitation to Joost. Maybe you were just out of free invitations at that time. Nevertheless I thought I try again this time. Would be nice if I am lucky now and receive a joost invitation from you. Many thanks. J.
  • Steve Gregoris
    Hi Torsten - I'm in Switzerland and we have zattoo, but it's small and bad quality and basically just like European TV. Nothing from the Americas on it. I read about joost on a Canadian website today (globeandmail.com) and would like to check it out. I'd be obliged if you could send me an invite. Thanks, Steve
  • Reading all these impolite requests for an invitation to Joost is really kind of boring... plus: if Torsten invited each and any person, he would not be able to WORK! Guys, don't bother him with that! :-)
  • Prafull Mishra
    Dear Torsten,
    First I admire you of being tuned up with latest on net. I am from India and found this joost pretty interesting. Being a helping guy with friendly attitude you can be the right person to invite somebody like me to introduce to this site and opening up more opportunities for interactions.
    I appreciate if you would be kind enough to invite me join the site.
    Thanking you in advance.
  • Kerry Shawan
    I read that there were some suggestions on what Joost means,
    here's an idea;
    I would be honored to receive an invite if possible.
    Thanks, Kerry
  • Chris

    can you send me a invation to [email protected]

  • J.O.

    I just heard on NPR how innovative JOOST is. Would you send me an invitation? I'd love to be able to watch IPTV on my computer. My email is [email protected]

    Thanks for your kindness.

    Best regards,
  • Mattias
    Hi Torsten,

    Could you please send me an invite to Joost?
    Thanks in Advance.
    My email address is : [email protected]

  • Patrick
    Hi Im from South Africa and we have 4 crappy public TV channels with rubbish shows. Ide love to watch some descent TV especially if its SCIFI, which is seriously lacking in this country!
    Many thanks,
    Patrick ;-)
  • BoB
    cheers from Greece!

    any joost invites left?
  • Calvin Cunningham
  • Calvin Cunningham
    hi my name is calvin cunningham and i would like to be apart of joost. i am a sergeant in th army and i am sure i can critique the hell out of it. i was referred by a friend, jeremy ( billgore14 ) kilgore.
  • Mike
    I heard about TVP, lost track of time chasing a project completion date.
    I am fishing for an invite to joost beta sent to [email protected]
  • Alex
    Hi ,If possible can someone please invite me to Joost. I will be more then happy to return the favor in any way I can. Thanks again. Alex. My email address is [email protected]
  • Quais Hassan
    I got an invite already. Thank you.
  • Quais Hassan
    Could you please send an invite to quais dot hassan at gmail dot com.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Oh how I long for the day of Joosting.....
    Joost(eo) oh Joost(eo) where for art thou Joost(eo)?

    My name say's it's @gmail.com
  • googli
    oooooh cool can i please have a joost invite......please.

  • D.
    Could you send me an invite to Joost?

    I searched this invitations almost everywhere...

    Thanks man, really really thanks :)
    My mail: darayavahusz at gmail dot com

  • Reinhard
    would you please send me an invition for Joost testing application? Thanks a lot Reinhard
  • Augusto
    Could you please send me an invite to Joost?


  • Nicolas
    HEEEEyyy JOOOSters :) , give me samo kinde of help, can anyone send me this invitation, cause my name will get bored on their site list :) Give me chance to roll Serbia :) )
    Thank you, in forward :) ))


    thank you :)
  • WilliamNL
    I would really appreciate also an invitation to test Joop if possible - Thanks
  • J Sumry
    I would really appreciate an invitation to test Joop if possible - Thanks
  • hey Torsten. First of all, sorry to botter you.
    Idd like to know if you have any free invitations to joost to send to me
    let me know, ok? Im crazy to try it

    Thanks a lot

    first: Helter
    last: Skelter
    mail id: therelay@bol.com.br
  • Fred Riley
    Could you send me a Joost invitation for Beta testing ?
    as i use Skype every day i know Joost will be a great
    addition to this computer.
    Thank you for any consideratons.
  • Fred Riley
    would you please send me a invitation to test Joost ?

    Thank you for any considerations.
  • Claudio Tapera
    Please can you send me an invite to Joost?

    I think this is a great project and I wish to help to develloping it.

    Thanks, really thanks.

  • I would very much appreciate an invite to start exploring Joost if you would be so kind. I'm always willing to try new technology.
  • Sam
    Would you please send me a Joost invation?

    Chers Sam
  • OPeixe
    Hey there,

    I know it might be lame but I'd like an inivtation to Joost. I've been trying some p2p tv for a while now, most japanese, some european stuff as well, but knowing Skype I'm sure Joost will do just over the edge.

    Well if you feel like it, please send me an invite.

  • Eric
    Hi Torsten,

    Would you please send me a Joost invation? I am really interesting this project.

  • John
    Hi Torsten,
    Could you please send me an invite to Joost?
    Many thanks,
  • Looks cool, can u hit me up with 1 add? [email protected]
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