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Sipgate with Sjphone or XMeeting

SjphoneAlready quite a while ago I got myself a sip account over at sipgate. The interesting part here is that they give you a “SkypeIn” number for free. But in the end I never really used it. In general the call quality was always significant lower compared to Skype. Especially for long distance calls. Plus up until XMeeting arrived on the scene there was hardly any usable sip client available for Mac OS X. There was X-lite with it’s alien interface or Sjphone with something which barely qualifies as GUI. (Well, at least it worked OK) Not that the Skype interface is any good but Skype just works out of the box! Configuring those sip phones on your own can be a bitch. Or at least a waste of time fiddling around with the settings. So if you are a sipgate user feel free to have a look at my settings for Sjphone or XMeeting. Ring Ring!

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