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Building Debian packages in java

Just recently I looked into creating Debian packages in java. Funny enough Stefan was also blogging about this. Deployment is so much easier with apt-get. I just love it. Why not leverage that also for java deployments?

So I came up with this little project called jdeb. It provides an ant task to create a Debian package right from you build system. It’s just a first, fairly simple version and I hope to provide a maven plugin as well. But it works …and of course contributions or feedback is welcome.

  • @Michael: Thanks for the mail explaining your problems ...I cannot reproduce them though. Works fine for me and jdeb is basically using the standard Ant PatternSet class. Very weird.
  • @Marius: Code is all released under ASL 2.0
  • Hi - I am trying to use this but the "exclude" feature doesn't seem to be working.

    Could it be because my "src" path is up one level? E.g.:
  • A few weeks ago I started a similar project (and found yours only a few days ago):

    Under what license is your code released?

  • zach
    Thanks for this project it's VERY useful.

    I ran into issues when I included the empty sample scripts in the deb dir of the jar to the control dir. the package wouldn't install and actual broke my synaptic and jdebi, aptitude still worked though, but I could not remove the package because it wasn't fully installed. I had to re-install it without those scripts for it to work. Definitely due to my lack of knowledge.

    thanks again!
  • If time permits I hope to be contributing more sensible stuff :-)

    Index: src/site/apt/downloads.apt
    --- src/site/apt/downloads.apt (revision 49)
    +++ src/site/apt/downloads.apt (working copy)
    @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@

    - The official releases are available through the maven2 repository on repo1.maver.org.
    + The official releases are available through the maven2 repository on repo1.maven.org.

    * Version 0.1
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