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Waypoints from Stops

When you are on the road with a GPS device it usually has a tracking feature that records when you are exactly where. You can set waypoints at points of special interests explicitly with the device. On my Garmin I just have to press a button and put in the name. Unfortunately this can be quite disruptive and looks very geeky. But there is a simple solution: As the GPS tracks represent where you are at when, it is also possible to find out where you stopped (=didn’t move) for longer than 5 minutes for example. Great gpsbabel to the rescue you can easily extracts waypoints from your track like this:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f track.gpx -x track,pack,split=5m -x simplify,count=2 -x transform,wpt=trk,del -o kml -F pauses.kml

No more “wait a sec …I need to put in the name”.

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