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Garmin GPS60 with OSX


Just before I went to Costa Rica I’ve got myself a GPS receiver. It was tough call as Garmin (one of the major vendors in this area) just completely ignores the existence of OSX users. (How stupid! IMO Apple users are the once that go and buy all these expensive geek toys^^^^tools) …but again it’s open source to the rescue. The author of the excellent program GPSBabel helped me to get it working. Just upgrade to the latest firmware and you can even use the USB interface to download your trips, waypoints etc. Only thing that GPSMAP60 user might be missing under OSX is the map up- and download!

gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f usb: -o gpx -F waypoint.gpx

Why do I need a GPS receiver? Well, I am using GPSPhotoLinker to add geo information to my pictures. Hopefully there will be some cameras with GPS receiver in the near future …as this is still way too complicated as it should be. At least the Nikon d200 already has an input for GPS receivers.

Update: as if they were listening ;-) Thanks for Marcus pointing me on that one.

  • Oh!...that's great helpful, it's so right to me! Million thanks for the article,
  • The maps are not included, but are easy to make yourself.
  • carlos
    Isn't it amazing?

    I was just googling Garmin and Mac OSX and both your entry and garmin's (http://www.garmin.com/pressroo...) are dated on Jan 10th, 2006.
  • Tom
    oh, by the way, the maps are not included, but are easy to make yourself, or their are a number of places to get them (Legal and illegal)

    The website is: www.macgpspro.com
  • Tom
    Have a look at "MacGPSPro". It is a 'Raster' mapping program, for OS X, Which works very well for it's small fee. I Used to work in a specialist GPS retailer here in Australia, and came accross it looking for a mapping software for OS X. It is not designed to load maps to any gps, but instead to be used as a moving map ( GPS scrolls the map on the Screen ) and to download Tracks and waypoints onto a map.

    I think it was about $40 US one off payment, I have recieved 4 Free software updates.

    I recieve no incentive to place this reply, just the hope you may find my input useful.


  • Jeremy
    Thankyou so much for suggesting this. I have the same model and was wondering if I'd be stuck using my work PC to get my tracks and such off it. I've just downloaded MacGPSBabel from the gpsbabel.org website and it works like a charm.
  • For what I need gpsbabel is good enough. Maybe just give it a try. Seeing their port of the mapping software will be interesting though.
  • Mate, you are simply awesome - I'm a Mac geek and I have the same GPS unit - should I hold my breath until Garmin comes through for us ?
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