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Maven2 jardiff plugin

You know clirr? It can be used to generate a report of what has changed in between two releases by directly comparing the jars. Unfortunately it is under LGPL/GPL license (and the maven support was never really good). A while ago I came across an alternative jardiff which is under BSD license …but it was missing support for maven2.

Well, that’s fixed now :) I’ve just submitted the plugin to the mojo project on codehaus.

All you have to do is to define the plugin and the version number of the previous release in your pom.


  • Hi Torsten,

    I guess there is room for both clirr and jardiff (just like there is room for PMD and Checkstyle or IDEA and Eclipse), so if you are happy with jardiff, that's great.

    Please allow me to correct some inaccuracies regarding Clirr: The license has recently been changed to ASL2 (http://cvs.sourceforge.net/vie...), and Brett Porter seems to be working on a Maven2 plugin (http://fisheye.codehaus.org/vi...)

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