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Billion Router

sub7404vgoHow annoying is this: From Australia I brought back a quite nice router from Billion (VPN, VoIP support etc). Now I had to find out that the built in DSL modem does not work in Germany. Great! The router is suited for the “Annex A” standard. Turns out Germany is the only country (worldwide) using “Annex B” exclusively. Even other European countries (like Netherlands, Switzerland or Austria) are known to support both standards.

Anyone interested?

Update: I had a friend bring it with him back to Australia. It’s up on ebay now! sold.

  • hadderakk
    ISDN user myself ! Billion eqipment is very classy...

    Yep. AnnexA is for PSTN/POTS telephony standards, where as AnnexB is for the god-given ISDN telephony (lol). Germans are kinda lucky, cos ISDN is everywhere over there and have nation-wide ADSL AnnexB [ADSLoverISDN] coverage (how cool is this) !
    Here in Greece you can find both standards, but a bunch of other reasons made it difficult for ISDN to follow up... Almost all ISPs here are going to AnnexA solutions, due to cost-minded development.

    I wish i could help, but i still look for the 7404r2 AnnexB, the bastards only bring the AnnexA... dammit

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