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In Berlin I am online with Alice. Well, I can’t say I am too impressed about the Alice customer care. (May I say I hate these hotlines where you just cannot reach anyone but a computer?) But they got the connection arranged within about 2 weeks. Not top notch – but OK. What I found most compelling is that you can cancel within 4 weeks. A flatrate of 4-16 Mbit/s for 25 EUR a month is quite cool. And you don’t even need the usual Telekom phone line. Nice. What I really don’t get though is why they provide “crippled” routers.

The so called “AliceBox” is a Siemens C20-010-I router. When I tried to get online I was utterly confused as the router wasn’t giving out any IPs via DHCP. Took me quite a bit to realize that you have to connect via PPPoE. Which essentially declassifies it as a simple DSL modem. Well, as I wanted to use my Airport Express anyway it doesn’t really matter too much for me. Unfortunately for me the password didn’t work, but as this guy shows you can actually get the AliceBox to behave as a proper router.

  • Henning
    a little one, i've heard reacently. when you have one of these computers on the line, who wants you to answer stupid questions, just beginn to sing for about 15 seconds. but no words just "hmmm" or "lalala"... and voilà, you will get a real human being on the phone... it's real, i've tried it.
  • i'm the guy showing how to get the siemens as a router. ;)

    alice provides the "simple" dsl-modem, routers and wlan-routers. normally the so called alicebox isn't the dsl-modem, it's the wlan-router.

    i ordered only the modem for about 10 EUR because the other networking-stuff i bought some times ago.
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