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iTerm, vim and backspace

End your backspace woes when using vim remotely with iTerm by adding one simple keyboard mapping. Go to iTerm preferences, Profiles, Keyboard, choose Profile=Global, add this mapping…

Key: delete
Action: send hex code
Hex code: 0x08

Tell your bookmarks to use the Global keyboard setting.

I am always baffled that after years and years we still have to deal with stuff like that.

  • Jonathan
    Thank you so much for this. Wonderful.
  • dty
    Thank you! You are a life saver!
  • iamtuxmeister
    You are a god among mortals. I salute you!
  • Thank you! Finally I found..
  • nuc
    this is sooo nice.....

    i would almost hate vi because of this...

    thank you soo much
  • Ted
    Thanks! Found via google search ;)
  • Gracias. That saved me a ton of hunting around to figure out why the Mac is so good at some things and so bad at some others. Now I can really use my Mac as my main dev machine at work.
  • Words cannot express the frustration you have removed from my online life. I salute you!
  • Thanks for saving my forehead. It's really ridiculous this isn't a default.
  • Awesome! That helped a lot! Thanks!
  • J.
    This was helpful to me. Thanks!
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