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Custom Shure E4C

Shure E4CToday I got my custom made ear monitors. Yay! They did a plastic and shipped it with the headphones to the lab. Took them 3 times to get it right for me. (Too late they realized that my ears move a lot when I move my jaw) So I was a long time without proper headphones. Whenever I have to go back to the standard Apple earplugs it feels like torture. But now… sweet! Not exactly cheap – but definitely worth it. As a nice side effect they are not just more comfortable but also don’t fall out that easily anymore.

  • This comment I don't understand. The E4Cs are from Shure!
  • Odi
    You may want to check out the ones from Shure. They are extremely good! Okay maybe they are a little wee expensive...
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