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Photo in Melbourne City Guide

St. KildaFrankly speaking I don’t think this a particular great photo but “schmap.com” included it into its new city guide for Melbourne. Obviously they found my picture on flickr and asked for permission to use it.

There guides seem nice. I haven’t had the chance to have a closer look – but their integration with yahoo maps is sweet. Not so perfect is that you need some sort of software for the offline version …and the version for OSX is not available yet. (Why not just a PDF download?) Anyway – would have been great if I had come across this earlier. I will check it out next time. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover my next destination for vacation yet. (Greece) So for now wikitravel or the usual book-type guide will have to do.

  • Yes, that's St. Kilda. The Stoke House right at the beach was my favorite.
  • Hello torsten,
    I used to live in melbourne couple of years ago. I think it's a great city. Is that photo from St-kilda beach? i worked in a restaurant there. Evenings were beautiful.
  • theGuru
    Torsten coming to Greece! Seeing theGuru spends alot of time there (and is there at the moment), let me suggest a couple of things suitable for a couple. 1) Give Athens a miss. 2) stay at oia village Santorini 3) stay at hania village Crete. 4) Go to Keirkira (Corfu) and rent a car. 5) Mid August is an insane time to visit, July is the best.
  • Yeah....they've been crawling Flickr....I have had my pics published in the Hawaii country- and....now hold your breath....Hannover city-guide as well. From the looks the whole guide didn't seem too informative in my eyes. Also the offline version was, as far as I remember, Flash-based so that you could only view it on a computer. Might be wrong, though.
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