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Moving to Melbourne

This has been on the cards for quite a while …but now this big change in life becomes reality. On Wednesday I am heading off to Australia. This time with only a one-way ticket in my pocket. My visa arrived just in time. I’ll be living there! Of course I am very excited and happy – not scared as people keep asking me …but it also makes me sad letting my friends and family behind. Looking forward to my farewell dinner tonight.

  • Hey, I myself never asked you if you were scared that you are leaving your holy motherland! :) I have always been jealous for that step of yours (in a good way though, you know that!). And I don't think, you left your friends behind for that they're keeping track of all the shit you're doing all the time! ;) So don't you worry, everything will be fine in the end. And if not - it's just not the end...
    Greetings from the other side!
  • wow, a big move. enjoy!!
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