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Finally in Melbourne

Traveling to Australia is really no piece of cake. I started out in Göttingen on Saturday at 18:19 by train and entered the apartment door in Melbourne at about 28 hours later!

Too bad you don’t have an internet connection on a plane. Well, having a mains outlet would do in the first place. One could get a lot of work done on such a long trip. At least I was able to recharge my laptop battery (a bit) on my two hour stopover in Singapore. I was amazed about their technical awareness. Free internet terminals throughout the whole airport. Free wireless broadband connection on quite a few spots. Too bad I did not receive the SMS with the account and password information though :(

As for the country I cannot say much yet. I needed more or less the whole Monday to recover from my jetlag. But it feels like a mixture of California and Europe so far …with a lot of weirdoes driving on the wrong side of the road ;)

The weather is a bit cloudy and not as hot as you might expect from Australia. Around 20 degrees Celsius at day. Last night I found it even a bit cold at night – imagine there was is no heating to turn on in my apartment :)

Yesterday night I already met up with some of my australian colleagues. Cool guys. I am really looking forward getting some work done with them.

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