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Bye bye baby

Mitsubishi Magna Executive 2.6It’s really weird… To be honest I was really stressed out lately by the fact that I am now leaving really soon – and still had to get rid of some things. My car was one of them. Now I’ve sold it yesterday and feel a bit sad. *snief* But well, what can you do… Was good to have one. In some countries you just cannot really live without it. As so many other things selling a car is quite different down here. You have to get a special certificate in order to sell it. I am pretty sure they ripped me off when I had to get the road worthy. Some things seem to be cross-country – unfortunately.

  • Carl
    Don't be sad about your car, it's in good hands now ;-) I noticed the right speaker has stopped working, maybe a wire is loose?

    It wouldn't start for me the other day! You don't want to know, I'm sure, LOL.

    I scraped some green corrosion off the copper terminals in the distributor plug with my pocket knife and then it started!
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