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Anti Spam Smtp Proxy

I just came across the Anti Spam Smtp Proxy. It seems to be a competitor to spamassassin – but it has a very different philosophy. Spamassassin only tags the mails while assp seems to block them at the SMTP level. Since there might be some false positives with statistical spam detection I would probably prefer spamassassin …but I am still fan of the idea to only accept signed emails at the SMTP level. Which goes into the assp direction…

  • face book
  • You can also simply assign to individual users or domains how they want SPAM handled - either tagged or stopped - no need to keep it in test mode.
  • I have used ASSP for quite a while now in its "Test Mode", which only "Prepends" the word "Spam: " to the subject line. This helps our users quickly identify spam, but it still allows us to avoid the negative affects of false positives in business.
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