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Spam flood

Today I had 53 message on my private web.de account and only 2 of them were not spam! I am becoming sooo pissed off that I consider using a whitelist. Unfortunately web.de doesn’t have this feature and I don’t wanna pay for their spam protection (has anyone tested that so far?)But whitelists are also problematic: how could someone who legally wants to send you an email and is not on your whitelist yet contact you to become listed!?What I could think of is that you have to qualify yourself first. You get an automatically generated email reply on the first contact. Inside is an url where you are supposed to answer some questions. Preferably defined by the email account holder you try to contact. If you can successfully answer e.g. at least 2 questions (preferable also adjustable by the account holder) you get listed on the whitelist directly or a whitelist request is passed on to the account holder. If the question form is also spider protected (using images e.g.) you could seriously reduce the amount of spam. This would work at least for my private inbox. Any freemail provider out there already providing such a system? …or would like to pay me for implementing such? ;-)

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