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Seems like I am not the only one being hit by blog spammers. What a surprise ;) Andrew and Matthew are also sick wasting time on deleting comments from their blogs. But instead of disabling comments all together I installed a plugin that blocks at least automated bots. You have to enter a number shown on a picture in order to get the comment posted. This really helped to reduced my blog comment spam.

It did not only reduce…. I did not get a single spam comment within two months. (*knock on wood*) That’s really great!

  • Gerry, I remember me also tweaking the perl source. Wasn't much IIRC but if you want I can send you my modified version.
  • Can you help me get this to work on the Comment Preview page on my blog? It works on the main comment page, but if you preview a comment and enter the code, it always returns the error: "Wrong Security Code", like it's stuck.
  • Doesn't sound bad ...but as all the spam filtering techniques it just tries to cure the sympthoms not the disease. Spam should not be accepted at all - even if it is easy to remove. ...beside I cannot run a cron job on this machine. Actually I am really happy with the image code approach.
  • If you haven't already tried MT-Blacklist (using a cron job to update the blacklist.txt file daily) I would recommend it. I use it and rarely see a piece of SPAM. The ones that do filter through I am able to click a link in the comment email notification that was sent that will remove the SPAM, add the sender to the blacklist, and send the information to the master blacklist for review. Hope I was of some help!
  • Hi Torsten!

    What version of MT are you using? scode doesn't seem to work for me ...
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