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Enough is enough

148792585 37b9604a03 t Enough is enoughToday my inbox was so full of spam again that mails were starting to bounce. I exceeded my quotas! I AM SICK of this spam! This is no fun anymore! In the beginning it was only few presses on delete. But now I am losing time and sometimes even mails that are drowning in this mass of sh*t. All the current approaches trying to solve this issue (that I know of) are futile. What does it help to have all the frickin’ spam automagically sorted into a special “unwanted” folder like e.g. web.de does. I still have to login and kill it because of the huge amount of spam that fills up my inbox. This does not work if you get about 100-200 spam mails as a daily average.
I guess accepting only mails with some kind of fingerprint is the way to go. It would help to get rid all those fake sender spam. If the sender would be reliable it would solve a lot of our spam problems. I am wondering if there is already such a project …otherwise I’d be really tempted to start setting up something like that by myself. Things have to change!! And someone has to start!

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