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No Powerbook upgrades …yet

148793731 2161c30365 t No Powerbook upgrades ...yetI wanted to make myself a present for christmas. But everyone said “wait until the macworld. We expect at least some upgrades”. And I was sooo badly waiting for the keynote. Too bad there was no live stream. But I chimed into an IRC chat at macnn where about 320 people where listening to the lastest news. Then while the keynote was on suddenly the apple site got disabled. Excitement!! …some more minutes and I will know for sure. Suddenly everything was over. Not a single word about new Powerbooks (or upgrades). It took me quite a while to get into online shop (boy, their servers must have been hit quite hard) but still no upgrades :-( I mean: the mac mini is cool and could act as a great entertainment center. The ipod shuffle – well, not so exciting IMO. All the rest were just software releases you can only appreciate if you already *have* a mac. ….I would like to change that – but the current Powerbooks just don’t give enough value compared to the iBooks. …their specs are pretty darn old now. I don’t want to buy something old! …not for that amount of money. ThinkSecret is pretty sure they will quietly update the Powerbooks very soon. This probably rules out getting one before the beginning of February. *sigh*

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