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Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

Last year was exciting – full of change and I see even more coming for 2009. So what was 2008 for me? For one I finally “got” twitter and embrace it since. I noticed it means fewer but hopefully also more meaningful blogs posts. Still I’ve got considerably more readers this year. Thanks for listening everyone! The most popular post of 2008 were:

  1. Opening UIF files on OSX
  2. From subversion to git (part3)
  3. From subversion to git (part1)
  4. Debugging HTTPS
  5. Suunto Gekko with OSX
  6. From subversion to git (part2)
  7. Where is this java class from?
  8. Sending emails from Cocoa
  9. Battery Statistics
  10. Java classpath and directories

My blog’s top post is related to the release of the open source uif converter. A project I just stumbled into doing and which now has a couple of thousand of users. Both uif2iso4mac and fossi helped me to get more into Cocoa and especially desktop programming. Another project called FeedbackReporter served as my first presentation topic at CocoaHeads Frankfurt. We are meeting up monthly since then. The WWDC and the iPhone 3G were some very important moments of 2008. My blog post count reached 400 which felt notable – just as the redesign of my website. End of the year I finally switched all my repositories over to git and became a fan of github. Leaving joost was a big step and I am working on other projects since then.

So what’s my new years resolution for 2009?

Besides the usual “eating healthier” and “more physical exercise” I would like to more actively work on my photography. Always having the camera with me and publishing at least one worthy picture per week on flickr. I am not sure I can really make one blog post per week. But I guess having at least 3 per month should be also a fair goal. So let’s see how this all works out.

Everyone a happy 2009!

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