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Digest problems with subversion 1.3

So lately I’ve upgrade my subversion client on OSX. I’ve installed the latest (=1.3.1) version from metlissian. Suddenly I could not longer commit! …at least to a subversion (1.2.x) repository that uses digest based authentication. I was always getting

Digest: user tcurdt: password mismatch: ...

in the apache error log. Since I also had changed something on the server lately and just did not expect the subversion client to be the problem I’ve ended up spending probably half a hour playing with the apache configuration and passwords. In the end downgrading my client to 1.2.3 solved it. Strange! What’s going on?

  • JuL
    You can install darwinports and install svn client 1.3.1 using it, the compiled svn will work correctly.
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