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GPG keyring problems

To be honest I haven’t touched my gpg for the last few months. Shame on me – I’ve not even signed the keys from last ApacheCon’s key signing event yet. But… not my fault! I came across a nasty bug in gnupg …and frankly speaking the guys over in gnu land were not very helpful at all.

When I was just doing a ‘gpg —fingerprint’ or tried to list the keys I got a few keys and then an error message:

gpg: mpi larger than indicated length (2 bytes)
gpg: keyring_get_keyblock: read error: invalid packet
gpg: keydb_get_keyblock failed: invalid keyring

Obviously my keyring was out of whack …for whatever reason. Obviously it was fixed in 1.4.3 and since the new version is now also available through fink it’s all back working again. Hurray!

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