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Review: Treasure Island Fiji

Before I forget all the details and this vacation just turns into one of these blurry beautiful memories let’s give a short review off the stay at the Treasure Island Resort on Fiji.

So we got to Nadi (speak Nandi) with Pacifcblue which was by far the cheapest airline from Australia. The resort had arranged a pickup at the airport and a speed boat transfer as we were too late for the catamaran.

Treasure IslandThe island truely is beautiful. It has about 60 bures and the main resort facilites plus the staff quarters. All the bures are a few meters (20-30m) from the ocean. (Make sure you don’t get one too near at the water pump). It takes you about 10 minutes to walk all around the island. The water is awesome! 30°C and cristal clear. You just step a few meters into the water and you have fish all around you. Just mind the tides and snorkel away for hours. (Better watch out for sunburns!) As a diver I was surprised about the quality of their snorkeling gear. And they actually provide it for free! There is also a dive shop on that island. Before the start of the season (1st of April) they had a half-price special. I think I ended up paying about 40 EUR for a two-tank dive! I’ve never payed less for a dive! …and the equipment was good (even including a decent dive computer) ….I just could not find the catch! (Divesite recommendation: “Supermarket” …lot’s of sharks. I had about 4 (at least!) 2 meter ones around me – awesome!) …what else… For the ones who really cannot let go for a few days there is also computer at the reception with free internet access! Not the fastest broadband but still dsl. But be aware it’s like in a sauna in there! Noone should expect long emails from there.

Being more a backpacker kind of guy being at a restort felt really strange. It is one of the smaller ones so it might be not as badly touristy – but still. You always had your entertainment program at dinner time. Dinner was one of the gotchas btw. Being such a small island you naturally have to eat at the resort’s restaurant. The food was definitely not spectacular – but alright. The big catch here – as you probably would expect it’s way too expensive. Dinner just wasn’t worth 25 EUR. When you go for the meal plan it might be a little cheaper. But still! Also watch out when you buy e.g. water. Surprisingly the cheapest you can buy water is through your minibar. Otherwise buy a bottle at the restaurant/bar. Most expensive one seems to be shop. We found out about that at the end of our stay. Another rip-off was the transport back to the airport. Before we came to Treasure I asked them whether I need any cash – they said “no”. In the end they wanted to have 15% surcharge to cash some money we obviously needed to get to the airport. Not cool!

We got a pretty good off-season deal booking direclty on the website. Goind through a travel agent was meant to cost heaps more! So we ended paying about 120 EUR per night (60 EUR per person) …which was alright. (I don’t think it’s worth the full price!) Still I would have expected properly cleaned towels for that amount of money.

In the end it was pretty nice vaction but you would not want to stay on treasure for more than a week. The program and meal plan repeats and the island feels smaller by the day. Although it’s even smaller we should probably have better stayed at Beachcomber Island (which is just a swim away). It has a slighty younger crowd. Treasure is more a family place. But both island are well worth a visit.

  • you had a good trip. i don't like to book with a travel agent, most of my travel time i go myself. That's a cool feeling.
  • Hey Sali, I usually agree with you - those package deals usually protect you from hidden cost. But that deal I was talking about really was not available through the agency. And with the price difference I am not even sure we paid more - even with the extra charges.
  • Sali

    Booking with a Travel Agent would have eliminated those xtra sneaky little charges and I am confident you would have found that the "Off Season" deals are also available using a reputable Retail Travel Agency chain.

    Next time do be sure and compare prices as booking direct in my experience has ALWAYS been more exopensive and as I have mentioned...leaves you wide open to xtra charges !!!
  • Linda
    Hi Kylie, we stayed at treasure last year and it's not sewrege you smell, but the rotting sea lettuce that is on one particular side of the island. It is usually there after a storm.
    We stayed in Bure 3 and our friends in 7. Both were lovely (but on the sea lettuce side which was unpleasant)
    We loved treasure. The quiet and the friendly people could not be beaten.
    i have stayed at resorts on the mainland and they just don't compare.
    However, we are really busy people that wanted to "step off the planet" so it suited us down to the ground. we went to beachcomber and found that it was for younger people (and i mean partying, dorm sleeping etc...) a backpacker atmosphere, which i guess if you're used to, would be fine.
    I would recommend the pre-paid menu. You seem to get the same food as pay as you go. Don't do the bbq dinner. Too expensive and not worth it.
    We will be back and talk about how it was the best holiday EVER.!
    hope this helps a bit.
  • Kylie
    Hi there
    We are due to go to Treasure island in 4 weeks
    Can you please advise which are the best bure numbers to request
    I have asked for one away from the water shed and also refurbished - as some reviews state that they are in refurbishment process
    Also - did you smell the sewrage??
    Thanks Kylie
  • Mark

    Thanks for your review above about Treasure Island.
    My wife and 2 year old (& myself) will be staying there in early June for a week.

    Could you please tell me if there are any other tips (e.g. not staying near the water pump) or anything that may make our stay better after learning from someone who has recently stayed there (i.e. yourself).

    I appreciate any knowledge you may have and your time in responding to me.

    Kind Regards,
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